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Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Boy Is Just Not My Type

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As transferring from one management to another is becoming real, non-A list talents are scrambling for a slice of the pie of production houses. These days, however, talents cannot be choosy if they want to work and recover from the financial issues resulting from the pandemic and other issues. Therefore, their presence has to be noticed by influential insiders.

Influential Personality (IP) seems to be thought of as the ticket to work. Hence, when a team called for a meeting of talents, Hopeful Actor (HA) wanted to be in attendance. HA knew IP would also attend. The problem was that HA was not invited. Using his confidence, HA crashed the meeting and pretended to be with the guests. He wanted to look cute enough to be noticed, especially by IP.

Due to social distancing, HA was unable to get close enough to IP, but he managed to get a contact number. HA sent a message indicating his interest and to know IP personally. The response was that HA could ask the staff and other involved personnel. HA persisted and said that knowing him personally would be a fun and worthwhile experience. IP did not reply anymore. Later, HA found out that other able-bodied talents wanted to be close to IP, but were disappointed. It seems they do not fall within the type.

The idea that body and looks are the ways to reaching out to IP may have come from rumors of the closeness of IP with Seasoned Actor (SA). SA falls among the top choices for tv or movie projects. SA is loved by production people because he takes his responsibilities in the team seriously. Rumors even have it that SA has kept his single status because of his deep friendship with IP. Hence, talents like HA, think they can win over the attention, too.

‘The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn't one.’ ― Margaret Atwood

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