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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Moving On

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Restless Talent (RT) realized she was no longer being treated in the same way as the royalties of her network. RT was discovered and given opportunities to develop as an artist by her management. However, RT kept feeling the itch to explore how far she could go.

Sometime ago, RT expressed her desire to move on, but she was discouraged by Top Insider (TI). TI has a soft spot for RT, as he saw her grow as a talent. Thus, RT stayed on, but TI was not the only one running the show and his favored one had quirks his powers were unable to handle.

The production staff could not hide their annoyance at RT when they were asked about working with her. RT threatened to leave a project if a young newbie continued to have more scenes with the lead actor. Killing off RT’s character was not possible, as the project was in mid-season. The incident reached higher management, who was not amused. TI interceded and asked for a second chance for RT. RT was given another opportunity, but the results were disappointing.

Hence, when RT once again attempted to leave, they let her go and TI did not do anything to prevent RT from trying what the world could offer her.

‘You can’t look back – you just have to put the past behind you, and find something better in your future.’ − Jodi Picoult

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  1. Got a feeling this is M

  2. Replies
    1. J is in good terms with her network even after transferring.

  3. M kaH. Lunes na. Back in trabajo.

  4. This is Inggrata M of KaH

    1. penge naman clue yung dalawang M na nasa isip ko parang hindi fit haha

  5. M doesng have any projects with a newbie having more scenes with her leading man.. these anays are sick. This is J of KaF

    1. Guilty hahaha! Talaga naman this is M na ingrate eh haha! TI is J or V.

  6. RT - M
    TI - J

    Both kaH. May attitude talaga tong si RT. Kala mo naman talented 😒

  7. Una tingin ko si J pero mid season na daw yung project eh...



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