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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Misguided Priority

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Transformation is a secret to staying long in the industry. Artists reach a certain stage whereby their safe and comfortable image is no longer as hot as the start. Thus, if they will not change image, then the percentage of their career going downhill will be high. Change, however, has to be planned. Whether the change would come in looks or in roles would have to be considered. Once the change is accepted, the artist knows he/she has her career made. However, an uncalled-for change can lead to drastic results.

Hard-headed Talent (HT) was confident that her management will give her what she longed for. HT was sure that her future would be certain as her management has always provided opportunities for her to grow. However, the surprising effects brought about by changes in the entertainment industry and pandemic proved that nothing is indeed certain.

The between job time made HT reflect if she had done something wrong. HT could not think of any action she did that would have made her management make that sad decision. As a strategy, HT tried to connect with other production teams to see if her management would ask her back on paper. Nothing happened. Adding to her woes is that her contemporaries seem to have their assignments, while she’s not in any lineup.

Allegedly, no roles can be given to HT given her body type. HT was told to be cautious about her daily routine, but she did not listen to the advice. Hence, finding a role that would fit her current looks was hard. Thus, HT has to wait longer as talents are turning in droves and being once part of a network is never a guarantee of forever.

‘Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.’ ― Mandy Hale

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  1. Si M. Talagang na let go na niya figure niya lately

  2. K of kaH yung hindi nirenew ang contract

  3. K kah.
    Hindi nirenew ng network nya. Lol

  4. si A itey. di na kaya talaga ng body nya

  5. Si J ito, kasi nagpapasexy na sya ngayon, showing a lot of skin. Ayaw ng former management ng ganon kasi gusto nila imaintain ng talents nila yon wholesome image. Tapos dami pa nyan nega issues kaya ayon nilet go na sya.

  6. K of Kah. Her contract wasn't renewed and she's disappointed about it.

  7. Si J yata ito na may show sa iyang network. Nganga sa ratings dahil hindi siya magaling mag host

  8. She copied kasi the face of another star in her network. A cheap copy is always not good.

  9. K of KaH. Pag petite pala mahirap ng hanapan ng role? :(

  10. ang hirap naman mga classmates. ang dami kasing pwede sa ganto situation??



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