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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Making a Point

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The career of Showbiz Personality (SP) seems to be a family affair. When SP started, Overseer Relative (OR) made sure her earnings were properly monitored. SP has control over her finances, but she has to inform OR if she’s making withdrawals. OR just wants to guard SP from being taken advantage of or from her making unmindful transactions.

One day, OR noticed that a substantial withdrawal was made by SP from her account. OR then asked SP where she spent the money. Besides, OR was not informed before the transaction so they can keep a record.

SP is not in the red, as she belongs to celebrities who have security in their career and finances. SP can relax and afford not to work during quarantine and still live comfortably. However, the withdrawal bothered OR and when she found out where the money was spent, a discussion ensued.

OR found out that SP spent the money on her Talented Boyfriend (TB). Between the two of them, TB has many pursuits and SP shows her support by extending financial help. OR did not like the relationship, as TB is being spent on without substantial return on investment. OR learned that SP lost money in a failed project that TB was involved in. OR reminded SP to save money, as times are unpredictable.

This time, SP spoke her mind. She answered OR that if she can spend on OR’s family, then why could she not spend on her man. The discussion ended. 

‘One turns the cheek: the other kisses it. One provides the cash: the other spends it.’ ― George Bernard Shaw

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  1. Giraffe ng mga BI lately ah. Wala na akong mahulaan haha.

  2. LOL... nakakaloka to! Pera pera lang talaga. Da hu?

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely not G. lol. The guy has investments to fall back on. If anything, i think it is J who is more likely to borrow to fund her family's pasosy lifestyle. Yuck!

    2. 12:19 pasosy nga ang pamilya ni J. Ayaw magpatalo sa mga kaibigan.

  4. More clues on J G M please.

  5. J J M ito mga baks



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