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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Friendship Test

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A test of friendship is the reaction of people whenever someone is undergoing stress coming from bashers or any incident that takes an emotional and financial toll. Although some artists have handlers to fix the situation, friends are often the best proof of support.

When the world of Talented Artist (TA) was rocked by intrigue, TA did what he knew best. As a showbiz veteran, TA knows that rumors die a natural death as long as the one targeted kept quiet, which is what he opted to do. Out of the blue, TA received a call from Female Friend (FF). TA appreciated the call of FF, who assured him of her support and conviction.

The two talked about past, would-have-been, and potential projects. Talking to each other was a good time to reconnect as well. FF then said that TA might just be part of a propaganda to earn from. TA said that he is always willing to help financially as long as he is asked. FF agreed with TA. Then, FF joked about TA lending her money. TA laughed hard. TA then said that as long as he could afford it, he will, as he is affected by the lack of work due to the pandemic.

Later, FF called and asked TA about the offer. TA thought FF was just kidding when she brought it up in their last conversation. FF was serious after all. FF then quoted an amount, which could very well be a talent fee for a project of a named celebrity. TA said that his money is tied in his businesses and he can only afford to lend her a fraction of the amount she asked. FF said that TA’s offer is acceptable and she would not mind accepting a cheque. FF promised to pay immediately. On hindsight, TA is aware of FF borrowing from other people. Thus, he fears that FF would not be able to pay him anyway, which explains why he only offered a smaller amount.

‘It's better to be slow and careful in the right direction than to be fast and careless on the wrong path. Be sure that you are on the right path before you begin to take your steps!’ ― Israelmore Ayivor

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