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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Enough is Enough

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Much like other celebrity couples, erstwhile partners kept their real relationship under wraps until their fans realized their tandem was over. Over the years of working together, Female Counterpart (FC) and Male Partner (MP) worked well professionally and thus, the couple gained a strong following.

Sadly, FC and MP parted ways due to various causes. As they were at the peak of their careers, personal and professional issues were exposed and blamed for their breakup. A third-party rumor inadvertently cropped up and MP allegedly resented FC’s higher pay. MP struggled to find work, as his superiors found him to have an unhealthy attitude. By contrast, FC pursued her dreams and moved on.

Despite having broken up, FC could not seem to break away from MP. Whenever MP gets into a controversy, FC’s name gets dragged even if the item has nothing to do with her. FC reached her tipping point and contacted MP, which she had not done for a while. FC allegedly let loose curses at MP as she was very angry. In addition, FC told MP to clean up his act.

As soon as FC reached home, she asked for all the mementos of their past and instructed her helper to burn everything. She no longer wants to have any connection with MP.

‘It is through strength of character, not luck, do we form the predictable path of our future.’ ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. Replies
    1. 12:34 Mali ka! Si A never struggled to have work and lahat ng makatrabaho niya only have good words and praises for him. Si M pa nga yung may history ng bad attitude sa fans niya eh at umaayaw sa trabaho pag di niya feel mga makakasama.

  2. K & X. Yun na! Tolugan na bayan!

    1. 12.43 Wishful thinking. K & X are still together.

  3. J and A... winner!

  4. Replies
    1. 12.55 MP does sound like G. If K finally told him to stop using their past to get publicity I’m happy for her. It’s not just G who disrespects her but the network that is equally guilty. I hope the network will also take her wishes seriously and stop trying to paint G in a favorable light at K’s expense.

  5. Replies
    1. J and N are still okay,not them.

      More on K and G.

  6. Definitely not j and n because they still work together and she still have his gifts.

  7. Hindi ito jand n..ksi they work together

  8. K and G! User kasi si guy



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