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Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Entertainer

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The economic effects of the quarantine have made people resort to creative means to augment their finances. An Entertainer (AE), whose career has been drastically affected by cancellation of network shows, corporate endorsements, and other possible income sources, thought of a way to ensure he would not have to dig deep into his pockets.

AE invited Guest One (GO) to his pad. He cooked for GO and served wine. As the cliché goes, if there’s wine, there’s a plan somewhere. As GO is a good friend, he stayed on and listened to AE. AE began with how life has been hard in the past months. GO sympathized with AE and understood what his friend was going through. AE is supporting his family as well. The night was long and they were drunk; something private happened. AE then got his financial help from GO.

Later, Guest Two (GT), Guest Three (GH), Guest Four (GF), and Guest Five (GV) visited AE at different times. GT had undergone the same experience as GO. GH came over for dinner, but skipped spending the night with AE. However, GH extended his pocket for AE even if nothing happened. When GF came over, they weren’t drunk yet when AE lamented his situation. Surprisingly, GF, who had the least work opportunities, managed to give AE what he needed. After all, GF has a rumored rich benefactor, anyway.

Of all AE’s guests, GV was treated best. AE treated GV like a queen. AE cooked and even had food delivered to make sure GV was satisfied. AE knew what GV fantasized and gave it to him. AE is talented in all aspects and GV woke up happily. His happiness translated in the most generous help among AE’s guests. With the size of his collection, AE managed to secure his financial needs even until when the pandemic is projected to be over.

‘What makes you wise is not what you learn, but what you practice. What makes you wealthy is not what you earn, but what you invest. So, invest in what to practice, and practice what to invest.’ ― Michael Peshkam

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  1. AE - A
    GO - D
    GF - R
    Others sa KaH

    Sleep night.

  2. goal: to have many generous friends

  3. at least, may service si AE.

  4. Hanep sa diskarte si AE :D

  5. pag may alak, may balak!

  6. Sino kaya sa mga iyan si A of kaH?



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