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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Humility Lesson

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Among the talents of a network, Confident Celebrity (CC) gained self-assurance in her career based on opportunities given to her. Compared to other talents, CC was hardly between jobs. Her break between one project and the next was shorter compared to others. The network trusted CC and she delivered.

The trust in CC must have gotten into her head. While other talents waited in futility, CC became choosy with her projects. When CC felt that her role was not going to match her image, she turned it down. Another role was offered to her, but CC did not like her screen partner. Hence, she thumbed down the project as well.

During planning, the creative team often has a talent in mind in preparing a series. Hence, when a talent refuses, the plan has to be revised, which affects the entire work process. When the production teams had enough of CC’s rejection and attitude, they let her be.

Meanwhile, CC thought she could continue her exploration independently. CC ventured into various projects and even tapped others to join her. Unfortunately, most of them did not deliver as expected. Given that a celebrity’s status depends on visibility, CC’s absence threatened her career into obscurity.

Realization came immediately. When CC found out that a production team had a vacancy in the cast, she sprung a surprise. This time, she asked her team to lobby for her to fill that vacancy that was intended for another talent. The production team, upon finding out the move, could only smile. No one can be choosy these days.

‘Some people can be choosy because they're ultratalented or lucky or whatever, but yeah, there are certain things that might not be the greatest thing on my resume. But I don't sit back and go, 'Gosh, I wish I didn't do that.' It's all part of the growth of a career, whether you're an entertainer or a librarian.’ − Zach Galifianakis

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  1. Si M ito, inayawan nya dati yung kapartner niya and tried to do solo pero walang chemistry sa iba. Yung movie niya tanked and her other movies have to be with other big names otherwise flopsy again. Fame went to her head.

  2. Replies
    1. Sya din hula ko. Malakas kapit nito sa management kaya nakakabounce back agad kahit may inayawan na na project.

  3. Replies
    1. Not her, matagal tagal din sya nabakante bago nabigyan ng offer. Yon subject sa bi hindi sya nababakante ng matagal, may project offer na sya agad.

    2. If that’s the popular N eh bagsak ka, row 4 ka. Kita mo naman siguro napaka VISIBLE nung tao even these times.

    3. 1:44 nababakante kasi tumatanggi daw sa offer, this is N may mga offer sa kanyang tinatanggihan niya diba? si B lagi ang pumapalit.

    4. Si N nga ito mga beshies. Wag na pagtakpan.

    5. 5:01, popular noon. Visible? Saan? Sa fandom nyo? Hahaha!

  4. I could only think of E pag ganyan na attitude

    1. Actually pwede din si N haha 9:39am

  5. E of KaF siya lang naman ang alam kong may inayawan na project

  6. Sorry na lang N. Laos kana talaga. Oh wait matagal na pala. LoL



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