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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Vanishing Debt

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Conversations can just be irrelevant small talk for some, but a nightmare for others. Some time ago, Achiever Entrepreneur (AE) was talking to a Rich Woman (RW) about possible collaborations. RW was frank and said that she was taking investing slowly, as she had yet to recover from the impact of lending to Female Friend (FF). According to RW, she lent FF a substantial amount for a possible business, but time passed and nothing materialized. Hence, AE failed at getting the nod of RW.

Soon, AE told Another Pal (AP) about RW and FF. AE thought he was doing a good job, not thinking of the consequences of the story, as AP was shocked at the revelation. AP and FF have a close relationship and she has always assured FF that she’ll be behind her. Thus, she felt left out as she had no idea of the mess FF might have gotten herself in.

AP called FF and asked about her alleged debt. FF responded by asking AP her source, but the latter did not divulge anything. FF finally admitted and revealed that the money invested by RW was indeed very substantial. FF narrated that she befriended RW, who responded positively and soon, they became friends. When AP asked FF what she spent the money on, FF was silent. AP then advised FF to clean up her mess, as it might be leaked to the press and her image might be tarnished.

Meanwhile, FF confronted RW and asked why their transactions reached AP. RW said that she had no malicious intentions for sharing what happened. FF added that AP was mad at her and told her to clean up her act. RW remained quiet, as she’s not familiar with how showbiz personalities operated. FF then said that silencing the issue would be of great favor to RW. If the issue went public, RW would be dragged along with Her Husband (HH). Apparently, HH had no idea that RW invested that much. Thus, FF said that RW should clear her name. As RW only wanted the positive to be associated with her, she followed. During an opportunity, the debt question was clarified by RW with a denial. Hence, FF’s name was cleared of any intrigue about debts she owed.

The next day, FF sent food to the home of RW. RW had instructed the security to say that when she and her family were not home, the helpers were not to accept food or any gift. The food sent by FF was not received, as the security said RW was not home. However, RW was really home at that time and obviously, she no longer wanted to have anything to do with FF.

‘We must be careful more than ever what we let our hearts believe in.’― Solange Nicole

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  1. Medyo makapal si FF ha, sya pa galit siya naman ang may utang :))

  2. Yikes! That's why I never lend money to friends.

  3. if i were RW sinabihan ko na si HH kaysa malaman pa nya sa iba, who knows he might even help her get all the money back



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