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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Noted Similarities

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While she was at home, Female Celebrity (FC) was curious why her House Helpers (HHs) were always discussing certain issues. Then, she observed them watching a drama after work. During mornings, between tasks, HHs talked about what they had watched the previous night. Although HHs were doing their jobs well, FC was bothered with the cause of the seeming frenzy.

FC observed the new nightly habit of the HHs, who were engrossed with a drama about married life. Initially, FC did not mind HHs, but when she found out what kept them excited, she had to clarify for herself. One time, she quietly looked into the kitchen where the TV was and saw the program. Given that the drama was well-known, FC realized that many bashers would tag that show in their messages.

One morning, HHs were talking again and one of them accidentally glanced at FC. FC thought they were talking about her. Thus, the same day, she had the cable connection removed from the TV in the kitchen. FC did not explain anything. When they found out that they would not be able to watch that night, they went to their rooms early.

However, the following morning, FC realized that HHs were still talking about an episode of the show. FC investigated and found her answer later that night. The HHs knew the WiFi password. Subsequently, FC changed the password to disable any live streaming for HHs. Thinking that she had successfully blocked all access, FC felt triumphant. The following days, FC thought she was winning, as no one bothered to ask about accessing the Internet. HHs continued their work and behaved like the lack of access did not bother them. Apparently, HHs had an idea why the Internet connection disappeared, which was why they did not ask FC.

As days passed, FC no longer heard any talks about the said drama and the HHs followed the household routine. FC thought that the drama was gone from the minds of HHs. She was wrong. Nothing stopped HHs from watching their favorite drama. Mobile data enabled them to continue their viewing habit. Moreover, HHs agreed not to talk about the drama while working and especially when FC was near. The simple joy of talking about the drama juxtaposed with the life of their boss continued.

‘We may not be able to control the events, but we can always control our response to them. We need to ensure that our perspective is an empowering and resourceful one.’― Monjyoti Bhattacharyya

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  1. Grabe naman si FC. Hindi madali ang buhay ng kasambahay. Yun na nga lang ang libangan ng mga kasambahay niya tinanggal pa niya. Kung ayaw niya pag-usapan nila yung show eh di sana sinabihan niya na lang na wag pag-usapan pag andyan siya.

  2. LMAO! Celebrity - L

  3. Kilala ko to, siguro matagal na sa kanya mga maid nya kaya alam ang kwento. Si L to.

  4. grabe naman, nanonood lang kakasad ang gantong tao

  5. Bat tawang tawa ako

    1. parehas tayo ahaha

    2. ako din, tawang tawa ako sa typical na gawain ng HHs kaso pinutulan este pinatulan ni FC.

  6. Ang petty naman ni FC. Kung maayos naman gumawa ang HHs niya, ibigay na ang kaligayahan.

  7. mali siguro ang show na pinapanood

  8. Anong show at sinong L? Clue naman mga Ateng!



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