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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Mine is Mine

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Stories of celebrities who have forsaken their relations and forgotten about family support are common. Aggrieved or neglected relatives would come on air to call out their famous kin for financial help and the like. Consequently, the public is given a picture of how celebrities can be mean and ungrateful toward relatives. Given the clannish nature of Filipinos, such behavior is frowned upon. Hence, celebrities are targeted by bashers and made guilty for their lack of concern for their family. Even if the said celebrities contradict claims, damage has already been done.

If some celebrities consciously neglect their kin, Male Personality (MP) is different. As the pandemic has resulted in lack of work for most people, MP’s Close Kin (CK) was not spared and MP has been doing his best to help CK with finances. One day, MP’s Partner (HP) was looking at the bank transactions of MP and was surprised at the huge amounts withdrawn. HP trusted MP and never suspected a third party, whom MP could be supporting. HP had to know and asked MP, as he had not been saying anything. HP even thought that MP might be dreadfully sick.

MP revealed that he has been helping CK, who has yet to resume work. The withdrawals were for household needs of CK. HP is on good terms with MP’s kin. She remained calm despite realizing that the withdrawals were not peanuts. Instinctively, HP suggested to MP to advise CK to tone down the lifestyle and she was willing to offer their unoccupied condo to lessen expenses. MP responded and asked HP to mind her own business. After all, MP is using his own money, as they have separate accounts anyway. MP stressed that CK is blood and could turn to him when needed. HP kept quiet and did not press the matter, which could lead to an argument. As long as her savings would remain intact, she would have no problem. In addition, HP was relieved as MP has no other party and was not ill.

‘I don't want to live in the kind of world where we don't look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I can’t change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit.’ ― Charles de Lint

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  1. Replies
    1. Nope! Wala silang condo, lahat sila sa village nakatira

    2. Hindi sila yon Baks. May sariling bahay ang mga anak ni V and wala din silang condo.

    3. partner a.k.a. livein partner.
      mag asawa sila

    4. malabo yan kasi mayaman din si P at ang pamilya niya.

  2. Ang hirap naman FP
    Pero mag try ako S & M?

  3. MP-L
    Follower ako ni K. May tumutulong pala sa kanya kahit kumakayod siya.

  4. Bakit kailangan makealam sa finances ng partner? As long as he pays for his responsibilities wala ka n dun kng pano nya gusto gamitin ang pera nya

  5. 😂😂supalpal si girl, iloveit! Wag kasi masyado magmando kasi kumikita
    Din maman at nagttrabaho ang partner mo. Pakialaman mo savings mo!

    1. Girl tama naman suggestions ni ate mo. Oo, okay tumulong pero wag naman sana pati kapritso ng relatives yung partner nya ang sasagot.

  6. I see nothing wrong with what HP said. Teach your relatives to fish and tone down their lifestyle of they can’t sustain it lalo na kung di naman sila nagbabayad ng bills. Wag umasa sa kamaganak. Partners sila and eventually magiging mag-asawa rin if gugustuhin nila. Hindi naman pinagbawalan tumulong e wag lang sobra. Kung mag deplete ang savings nya paano na lang ang magiging pamilya nya in the future so puro si girl na lang?

  7. yung HP ang tama. Kasi sa panahon ngayon na hindi sure sa trabaho maski artista, dapat maghigpit sa finances, kahit na yung MP yung kumikita, pag naubusan na siya ng pera kay HP pa rin siya kukuha ng pera. So dapat yung mga pamilya wag pala asa.



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