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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Failed Overconfidence

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With the pandemic and lockdown, various ways to earn and gain favor in businesses emerged in social media. These days, the trend is for a social media celebrity or influencer to endorse products or services of various businesses. For example, the opening of restaurants to a limited number of customers has also led to the need to advertise. One party gets to enjoy food or service, while the other receives mileage that could translate to increase in customers. After all, one post can be seen by hundreds of thousands or millions of followers of the said influencer.

While many social media celebrities are enjoying such status, a Celebrity Influencer (CI) wondered why she seemed to be excluded from the trend. CI noticed that fellow influencers who have fewer followers than her have been promoting restaurants, food, etc. CI has a lot of followers coming from various target markets and she would have the audience for products that need to be promoted. CI made her move.

CI started contacting various food businesses and even fine dining restaurants. Most responded favorably given that CI highlighted her number of followers and clout in social media. Several businesses sent her food. CI responded and said that she had received and tried the product sent to her. However, CI told them that they needed to pay a five-digit amount for her to upload the video in her stories.

The demand for payment of CI on top of the food sent to her shocked the senders. Usually, endorsers are happy with the food sent and require no more. In CI’s case, she wanted both. One restaurant responded that no budget was available. The business was struggling as the loss was great during the lockdown. Besides, influencers were approached to revive various businesses, especially restaurants. Some celebrities in the entertainment industry did not even ask for money at all. CI was adamant and stressed that her deal was how things are run in social media.

None of the restaurants agreed to the demand for money of CI. Most no longer cared if CI posted about their food or not. A couple of restaurants allegedly said that CI should not touch the food they sent and they were going to retrieve it immediately. The attitude of CI quickly spread among restaurant owners. Thus, when CI contacted another restaurant for a possible collaboration, she was ignored.

‘Your words, your expressions will reflect your attitude. Be conscious of how and what you say.’ − Catherine Pulsifer

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  1. @1247 parang si A din hula ko

  2. Kadiri tong mga parasite na influencers na to. Meron pa hindi naman mga celeb pero kung makahingi ng collab aka freebie, akala mo big stars. So cheap!

  3. This is M. Wala na siya post about food. Just a guessp

  4. S mga classmates! Bye!

  5. Gosh, kapal ng fez naman ni CI, hirap ang mga businesses ngayon magdedemand pa ng malaking bayad kaloka!

  6. Clues naman kay A

  7. The chakang L!



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