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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Costly Error

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While in lockdown, Network Personality (NP) and His Partner (HP) decided to give in to temptation, but were unable to look beyond their decision. One time, NP and HP went down from their floor and noticed Young Non-showbiz hunk (YN) looking at them. Immediately, NP was smitten, as YN was very attractive and delicious. His heart skipped a beat when YN approached them. NP asked the age of YN and the boy replied he was 18.

A few days later, NP and HP saw YN again. This time, YN asked if he could hang around the couple. YN said that with the lockdown, he was getting bored in his unit. Meanwhile, NP and HP have been doing all sorts of physical touchy routines to distance themselves from being bored, and YN might prove to be an interesting distraction. HP gave an affirmative answer to YN and even joked that he might have the virus. The teen laughed and said he was clean. He only goes out to buy food. The attraction was undeniable and NP gave their unit number. NP assured YN that he could come to their pad whenever he’s bored. Soon, YN rang the bell and NP became excited. The three drank and the time came when they entangled in a threesome. The encounter ended without any hassle and all were happy.

Days passed and a knock was once again heard. NP and HP thought it was YN again. However, this time, an Elderly Figure (EF) was outside. When they opened the door, EF was furious and accused the two of molesting his son, YN. According to EF, YN told him that NP and HP took advantage of him. The couple denied the allegation and they said YN was the one who approached them. Moreover, they stressed that YN was of legal age. By contrast, EF said that YN was only 17 and still a student. EF presented YN’s ID and a video showing NP and HP talking to YN and their entering the unit of NP and HP.

Predictably, EF threatened the couple with a case and a warrant to be served to NP and HP. He added YN will undergo medico legal proceedings. NP panicked as he was top while performing on YN. Traces might be seen during the physical examination of YN. NP, at the stage of his career, could not risk a scandal. Working for a reputable network team, NP knew the consequences. Aside from social media embarrassment, NP could lose the reputation he has built throughout the years if the scandal breaks out. Subsequently, his career would end. These days, rape is a controversial issue and NP is familiar with the viciousness of covering rape stories.

NP proposed a settlement. EF demanded a seven-figure amount so no case would be filed. NP and HP said that amount was too high and they would not be able to pay that much. Haggling took place and the parties settled at a six-figure amount. The savings of NP and HP were wiped out. The latest story that NP and HP heard was that YN and EF seem to be involved in a scam, as a similar incident happened in a nearby condominium.

‘Curiosity pulls people into the scam.’ − Frank Stallone

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  1. K & T. Goodnyte!

  2. A at D. KaH. Tologan na.

  3. Ang lalandi Kasi. Lahat na lang pinapatos.

  4. D who?! Di ba mga Ateng eto?

  5. 12:38 Asa! A does not have any unit meaning a condo unit. Baka si D pwede pa. Pero hindi rin malamang kasi D i straight.

  6. A and M from N dept ng kH?

  7. nakakalokang scam, ang bata pa ng ginagamit. yak ha such dirty money

  8. Scam nga since may video



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