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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Problematic Link

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When fans noticed the closeness of Outspoken Personality (OP) and several young celebrities, a question of why OP seems to like to hangout with famous personalities rose. Although OP has made a name in various media platforms, the friendship with such personalities is always questioned. Comments like OP wanting fame or freeloading on popularity often diminished the effort placed to carve a name with own achievements.

Despite questions of fans, OP still preferred to hangout with Controversial Couple (CC) and their gang. OP has established a close and cozy relationship with CC and was always with them. Photos of CC would often have OP in the background. Thus, people concluded that OP shared a strong bond with CC and that their friendship was quite tight.

A few weeks ago, police operatives busted people allegedly supplying illegal substances and the arrests rocked the world of OP and friends. Allegedly, the arrested persons were rumored to be running in various circles and allegedly, have come across OP’s circle. Photos of OP being with one of the arrested personalities are being used to establish the connection between OP and the illegal activity. That’s not all. The speculations even claim OP used that connection to supply CC and their friends. Sometimes, CC would be accused of illegal substance use by netizens, but nothing concrete has emerged and the two would always claim to be engaged in clean living.

‘After all, everybody has secrets and there are some things that nobody knows about you but only you, right?’ – Halle Berry

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