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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Successful Save

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Staging local concerts prior to the pandemic has always been challenging given that local concertgoers are unpredictable. Other than bringing entertainment to fans, producers need to recoup their investment and ensure the talent saves his/her face with good attendance.

Sometime ago, the concert scene was made exciting by producers taking their chances by investing in talents who have been sorely missed by fans. The venture was risky given that international acts were arriving left and right, and the fans of targeted local talents were not guaranteed buyers. However, instead of folding up, a brave producer decided to push through with a concert featuring Named Artist (NA).

NA has been around and moving from project to project. Still, NA’s fans are still waiting for the major project that would truly show the talent that have made NA set certain standards. The plans were laid out, and NA was excited as well. As weeks passed, the producers started to worry, as ticket sales were not moving as fast. The producer did not want just to have audiences at the orchestra section, as the venue has to be filled to the rafters. NA was not going to be embarrassed with a half-filled venue.

To save the day, Media Personality (MP) allegedly stepped into the picture and started buying as many tickets as possible. MP was not going to dampen the confidence of NA. MP is a fan of NA as well. Consequently, the concert sales turned out to be successful, as the tickets were sold out. As to the tickets MP bought, rumors have it that they were given away to friends and lucky fans, who could not afford to buy tickets in the first place.

‘Wealth is not what you have for yourself. Wealth is what you share with others.' ― J.R. Rim

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  1. Missed by fans, I guess NA is S. Natural lang nmn yun.

  2. Una napatanong ako sinong S sinasabi nila sa comment eh so,d out mga concerts nun. Naforget ko na May older S nga pala. Sino si MP?

  3. Isa lang ang S na alam kong nag-SOLO concert prior to the pandemic.

    And no, hindi to si S&R

    1. Definitely not S&R dahil first day pa lang almost sold-out na yung concert nila. Nag away-away pa nga dati fans nila dahil nag aagawan ng tickets.



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