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Friday, April 24, 2020

Must Ask

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When Homegrown Talent (HT) was discovered by her network, the management realized her potential to make a change in their programming. HT was bound to be a star and not only was the management keen on making her one, her elders were set to make sure they project the child’s interest.

For HT, at that time, her young career was all about having fun. Although she was earning, her family went on defensive mode every time they were criticized as making HT as their milking cow. Her siblings had their own careers and thought that HT was doing what she wanted and they did not have to take advantage of it. In fact, none of her siblings entered the limelight. However, her elders thought otherwise, and Family Head (FH) quit his career to focus on HT.

As years passed, FH was always present at the affairs of HT. FH became a familiar face and negotiations for HT had to pass through him. Every peso HT earned was handled by FH. Rumors have it that HT’s finances were controlled by FH, which was advantageous as many of her contemporaries handled their finances and did not do quite well. Nonetheless, FH was not free from critics and was accused of depriving HT the enjoyment of her earnings.

Years passed and the career of HT followed the usual curve. After peaking, her career went down steadily, but rose again. These days, HT is enjoying the perks of having a family and living the way she wants. Meanwhile, FH has long retired and lives separately from HT.

Just as every one is adjusting to the effects of the pandemic, netizens were shocked at a post of FH asking for financial assistance from the local government. In the public post, FH cited the economic downtrend that has placed their business in the red. What shocked the netizens was the statement that FH did not want to bother their children, which includes HT. FH claims that the children already have lives of their own and FH does not want to be a burden. Thus, netizens wondered if all is not well between FH and HT and the other children. Posting in public and asking for financial assistance can be embarrassing for HT and bashers might start accusing her of being an ingrate.

‘Take the risk to ask for whatever you need and want. If someone says no, you will not lose anything. If someone says yes, you have a lot to gain.’ – Abhishek Ratna

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  1. Hula lang.

  2. FH-J. HT-the colorful J

  3. Hindi naman ibig sabihin niyan may problema sa pamilya nila. Mga pinoy talaga. Sa ibang bansa normal lang yan na ayaw ng magulang abalahin ang mga anak nila na may mga kanya-kanya ng buhay.

    1. Tama naman po. Pero sana nagkusa yun anak na magsuporta sa magulang lalo na kung nakakaluwag naman kahit may pamilya na yun anak po

  4. FH:J fr KaF

    Sure na!

  5. si J ng KaF naging KaH at bumalik sa KaF

  6. J of ka F. Mukhang close naman si HT kay FH. Baka ayaw lang talaga ni FH umasa kay HT.

  7. Nothing wrong with asking help outside the family though. Hindi na siguro ganon kalaki kita ni J like in her prime.

  8. I think this is M of ka-f.

  9. It’s J ka-F. From what I’ve read, they’re not in good terms, FH assumed J provides for the family.



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