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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Private Activity

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Being true usually can lead to trouble for a celebrity who has an image to protect. While pressure already comes from one’s career, stronger pressure can come from family. To please his family, Male Talent (MT) is rumored to keep an image that will avoid conflict and protect the family’s reputation.

When MT was starting out, his connection with the entertainment industry was unveiled and thus, he already had a reputation long before he could even star in a film. At first, the breaks seem to come easily to MT. However, time came and many projects after that producers realized he still needs much work to become a household name. Nonetheless, he still patiently waits for the project that can life his status.

One point of curiosity is the personal life of MT. Rumors of his special friendships with his male colleagues are moving along the grapevine. Allegedly, he is nurturing an intimate bond with a talented Network Actor (NA), who seems to be in a similar boat. MT and NA both had girlfriends. MT is linked with an Upcoming Celebrity (UC), while NA has a relationship with Female Model (FM).

FM is aware that NA swings both ways and she is fine with the parameters of their relationship. Meanwhile, UC is clueless that MT has a few secrets of his own. MT needs UC as his beard to cover up for meetings with NA. Once his family finds out, MT would be in trouble, as his family has no idea the ideal son is not straight after all.

‘A relationship is very likely to initially make us pretend we are someone we are not; a friendship, to eventually make us pretend we are still someone we used to be.’ ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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  1. Juicy. Sino kea to?

  2. Omg si NA-P ba yan na may current model gf.
    Parang wala naman sa aura nya na he swings both ways.

  3. The other E, KaF

  4. MT-A (KaF)
    UC-M (KaH)
    NA-J (KaF)
    FM- model jowa ni NA forgot her name

    1. kelan pa naging upcoming celeb si M? ilang years na din sya sa showbiz at nag peak na nga career nya eh lol di si A at M to
      si NA - si P though and
      FM - J na model

  5. It’s D of KaF

  6. Replies
    1. he still needs much work to become a household name. Nonetheless, he still patiently waits for the project that can life his status.

      Try again besh. A is already a household name.

  7. Parang si D si MT.

  8. Tagal sumagot mga classmates. Pakopya ako

  9. MT - P
    UC - ?
    NA - J
    FM - K

  10. Totoo ba mga baaaaks! Huhu si P talaga 'to? Model jowa? huhu kras na kras ko siyaaaa

  11. omg! gets ko na kung sino sila classmates

  12. MT - P
    UC - J
    NA - E
    FM - R

    Malakas kutob ko dito lol

  13. MT- J KaF
    NA- P KaF
    UC- K KaF
    FM- J model

  14. Ang hirap naman ng clues. Si Male Talent may girlfriend na Upcoming Celebrity? Si Network Actor may girlfriend na Female Model? More clues like Mars Mashadow please!



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