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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Pleasing Gesture

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One of the measures of having made it big is buying a home in a high-end exclusive village in the city. With homes priced in hundreds of millions, living in such villages means one could have been living in the area for so long such that the value has appreciated so him or one has so much money and paying for an expensive home is just a pack of peanuts.

However, location does not guarantee that one’s values can be changed in a snap. What one has been accustomed to might continue to be practiced regardless of location and subsequently shake the neighborhood.

Sometime ago, an exclusive village was jolted out of its usual quiet and snobbish setting. As the holidays were setting in, Village Resident (VR) could not just settle in his home quietly. VR had an urge to share what he has, as he knows how life is without anything. Thus, news about him giving out money to drivers and helpers spread around. Soon, people were making their way to the home of VR. Even cab drivers nearby heard about VR’s generosity and tried their luck and fell in line.

At the start, the line was quiet and people waited for their turn. However, the security noticed that many folks wanted to enter the village and proceed to VR’s home. Some neighbors, who are not keen on having the privacy of their village exposed, started to complain. Soon, the line leading to the home of VR was getting too long. Thus, the security personnel had to inform VR to stop, as his activity was making residents uncomfortable and security was an issue.

VR had to stop and the people waiting in line were disappointed. After a few minutes, VR’s scion stepped out of the home and made his way out of the village to continue what has been started.

‘Developing your generous nature enables you to move beyond need and desire. Generosity helps you recognize that you are and have ‘enough.’ You already possess an abundance of gifts. These gifts only have meaning through developing and sharing them.’ ―Scott Perry

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  1. If you Live in a exclusive subdivision you Will understand yung mga complain the neighbors. Mas mabuti Ma share niya blessings outside Of his home.. its For his safety narin Not Just his neighborhood. Mas maganda nga mag bigay siya yung accessible at hinde mahirap hanapin.

  2. VR=M, I heard of this issue long time ago.He really is generous, yung mga elite kasi old rich kaya hindi makarelate.

    1. Paano mo naman nasabi yan? Akala mo lang yun. M should have given his donation sa isang place away from his home For safety reason na din. Hinde masama tumulong at wala pwede pumigil sayo diyan but you also have to respect the privacy Of the neighbors.

    2. Wag maliitin, these old rich have foundations, scholarships and charities na matagal nang tumutulong. Alam nila ang maayos na kalakaran, hindi lang yung simpleng papapila lang. Syempre, security risk din sa kanila yung ecposed sila sa public, you have to understand that. Kaya nga sila nasa mamahaling village, di ba?

    3. Couldn't agree more at 10:35. Baka panahon pa ni kopong-kopong ang mga hawak na charities nitong mga old rich na ito, sa simbahan or school ganern. regulars sila - baka monthly, weekly or daily pa ang donations nila or may sinusunod silang sched or process sa paglabas ng tulong nila. hindi ganyan na basta nalang sasabihin mo fall in line.

  3. Wala ng iba sya na talaga si M.

  4. Sino pa kundi si M. Ok lang tumulong pero naman, respeto din sa mga alta na nakatira sa subdivision.

  5. VR- M. He know how it feels to have nothing. He has been helping a lot esp in these trying times. I admire him more now.

  6. Mas maina ma sa labas ng village niya gawin. There were usap usapan din na since iba naman talaga ang crowd niya nadala niya. There were moments daw na may pa videoke during events. Naloloka mga neighbors.

  7. Besides how does he know na hindi tumutulong ang mga ito. It doesnt mean na tahimik sila d Na sila tumutulong. Seriously he has a good intention but he has no respect sa neighborhood nya. Yun nga ang binabayaran ung area. You cannot buy class. Kung mayaman sya buy a place na un ang meeting place... Pero I watched him, d nga sya nagbabanggit ng pangalan pero pinakikita nya ang bahay nagbibigyay sya ng scoop. The intention is good pero mali ang venue nya.



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