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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Logical Development

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Network competition is tough, and celebrities have to measure up to making sure their fans remain loyal. To challenge the competition, talents are instructed to make their presence felt in social media. However, what shocked the network’s strategists is that Young Talent (YT) levelled up the instruction.

As soon as YT started posting his photos, the executives were alerted, as his gimmicks were getting a bit out of hand. Regardless of his target gender, YT was showing much skin, which the heads believe conflict with the image the network is building for him. Thus, A Handler (AH) was called to explain the moves of YT. AH said that YT was following the instructions to make noise in social media, reinvent the image, and be relevant. The sweet style in social media is often dismissed by fans and social media followers want excitement, not being tweetums. Moreover, the new talents who are daring are the ones who can rise up the popularity ladder quickly. Further, AH cited that YT is merely following the trend set by Female Newbie (FN). FN has daring poses in images and videos, which caught the attention of the bosses. Soon, FN might find herself way ahead of her contemporaries. If FN has the men and lesbian for her audience, then YT can perhaps attract the women and gays.

After listening to the explanation, the executive agreed and acknowledged that the market is changing and talents need to adjust to remain afloat. Then, the executive reminded AH to make sure that YT will not engage in any way of selling his services. YT should not go beyond social media even if he receives proposals because of his provocative photos.

Nonetheless, what one does not know would not hurt. The executive, of course, has no authority over the activities of talents. For example, while a rumor claims that another young talent is the favorite of a public servant, YT has his own alleged private activities, that is, offering his services to rich patrons, but only to those who share the same ethnicity.

‘There is all the difference in the world between departure from recognised rules by one who has learned to obey them, and neglect of them through want of training or want of skill or want of understanding. Before you can be eccentric you must know where the circle is.’ – Ellen Terry

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    He's not even that handsome, imo.

    1. Lol di naman sya network talent. Iba to

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    1. Mayaman yun kaya di nya need gawin yung services ek ek. Imposibleng sya. Pwedeng D din pero iba.

    2. @2:55 mayaman nga kaso kung wala naman naitutulong ang yaman sa hangad nya sumikat, then no choice..

  3. D. Very active now. In fairness, how to avail? Hahahaha.

  4. sabi n eh haha

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