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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Great Agenda

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Celebrity weddings are most awaited, especially if the love story of the bride and groom developed under the watchful eyes of the public. Even if celebrities try to keep their affairs private, their fans would clamor for a sharing of wedding videos or at least, the couple’s stories about their wedding.

The amount of planning for a celebrity wedding depends on how much glitz and glamour the families would like to have. Rare are celebrity couples who have kept their wedding simple and budget friendly. Most couples prefer a grandiose occasion, from the venues to the wedding gown designer, and to the choice of godparents or sponsors.

When Female Celebrity (FC) found out how a celebrity couple pulled off an impressive wedding ceremony, she got inspired and immediately went into action for a wedding she has been planning for a Young Couple (YC). Originally, YC chose Public Servant (PS) to be one of their sponsors. However, FC advised YC that if they can get Higher Official (HO) to agree, then they should discard PS. FC talked to PS and used her gift of gab to convince PS to lead her to HO. FC was successful and not only was she able to get HO to agree, she even called other respected top officials to join the roster of godparents. FC was not yet done, as she also convinced the top network bosses to give their support.

FC’s effort to gather as many well-off sponsors was to ensure that YC will not spend and she might even earn a few bucks in the aftermath. Thus, the wedding of YC was bound to be worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, the pandemic got FC’s plans thwarted. However, she has not lost hope, as she intends to push for the ceremony with the impressive entourage as soon as things are back to normal.

‘Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.’ ― Warren Buffett

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  1. FC-A
    YC-R&S ka-f

  2. Replies
    1. So 2nd choice lang si D as primary Sponsor?

    2. Feeling ko T & A ito.

    3. Same tayo ng hula. FC = T. YC = A & M.

  3. X & K ang next on line

    1. OMG! May Covid19 crisis na baks, yan pa rin?

  4. Sabi na nga ba, si FC ang pasimuno kahit di naman close si YC sa ibang nasa list..😂😁

  5. Replies
    1. Wrong! Ikinasal na si R at D. Basahin mo ulit. Mahina ang reading comprehension mo.

    2. Inisio ko pero di sila young

  6. Hula lang.

    FC - T
    YC - A and M


  7. FC-R
    YC-R & S

  8. Hindi ko cla kilala!!!!!!!!!!!



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