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Friday, April 3, 2020

Don’t Expect

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During press conferences, celebrities are often asked about their love lives more than the actual project or product they are promoting. Sometimes, reporters are given instructions on the type of questions that should be asked, but most of the time, they are given a free hand at questions to throw. Thus, when a celebrity agrees to a presscon, he or she must be psyched up and prepared for the questions to be raised.

When Versatile Performer (VP) held a gathering of selected press people, he maintained his composure as certain reporters were pressing him about a sensitive matter. VP was asked if he already has/had a girlfriend from showbiz. At first, VP played with his response and said that he has had quite a number and started enumerating the names of his female co-workers. That reply was not allowed to pass, as someone subsequently said that the question was about a serious relationship with a girl. VP sideswiped the question and tried to move to the next.

Unfortunately, another reporter repeated the question. With the repetitive question, VP was becoming irked, but maintained his composure in responding. After all, VP is known for his politeness and amiable disposition towards the audience and showbiz press. Still, VP said that he has kept his relationships in private and away from the public. Another reporter asked VP to give names. The reporter was persistent and even enumerated the names of female celebrities who were linked with VP and reminded VP that he had one point or another, mentioned he had a crush on them. Even before VP could answer, another reporter butted in and said that when they asked those ladies if VP had courted them, they replied in the negative and denied any claims that he had tried to woo them.

Finally, the handlers noticed that VP was indeed getting irritated. Thus, the Q&A was stopped. The reporters were then ushered toward the food hall, so they can stop grilling VP. As the reporters were being fed, their respective envelopes were given. Left alone, VP could breathe freely, as he no longer had to answer the barrage of questions trying to corner him into revealing his private personal affairs.

‘The man who can keep a secret may be wise, but he is not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep.’ –Edgar Watson Howe

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  1. Is this E? Sobrang kulit naman kase ng reporters. Maski ako maiinis kapag personal life ko ang pagti-tripan ng mga yan.

  2. Annoying naman tlga yung ganyan. Only those who are sensitive and are in the position will understand.

  3. Replies
    1. tigilan mo si A,12.56. walang binabanggit si A sa mga interviews nya na naging gf nya sa showbiz.ang palagi nyang sagot ay naghahanap pa sya at iinform nya mga reporters pag nakahanap na sya.tsaka sya mismo agad agad naglilinaw at nagsasabing wag bigyang malisya pakikitungo nya sa sinumang actress na nalilink sa kanya.
      si E yan ng kaf.

    2. @ 1:55 Weh? Charut!

  4. Baka iba kasi ang preference nung VP.mahilig sa ganyan ang network kaya marami closeted

  5. D, sana he comes out clean what his real preference is. Obvios naman kung ano sya, he shld not feel ashamed about it.

    1. Yan lagi pambato nyo sa mga lalaki who prefer to focus on their careers. And besides jusko bata pa naman si VP, hindi nya kailangan magkagirlfriend agad-agad. Bakit ba kasi kayo nagmamadali? Kayo kaya mauna?

      And who are you to pretend na alam mo ang preference nya? Malinis sya sa katawan? Hindi sya brusko magsalita at kumilos? Judgmental much?

  6. Si E ng KaF ba to na forever kloseta?

  7. Kaf D total performer

  8. D. yun naman kasing mga reporters, kapag napagbigyan ng ilang beses yung kakulitan, uulit-ulitin lang ang questions tapos puro about sa lovelife lang lagi ang ipapasok.

  9. Ka-F. This is D. Polite raw eh. If si E, mataray yun.



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