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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Bad Betrayal

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Sometime ago, Respected Celebrity (RC) and Non-showbiz Friend (NF) developed a friendship based on the same political and sexuality agenda. NF was elated, as RC was supportive and even sharing his networks to help various groups. Meanwhile, RC continued using his influence to develop the trustworthiness and popularity of NF.

As RC saw NF as someone who seems to be full of trust, not to mention wit and charm, RC had NF as an assistant to ensure that his Significant Project (SP) would be successful. After all, other than the advocacy with NF, RC had always wanted to pursue a project that truly had his mark. Thus, he entrusted the responsibility, including money matters to NF.

Soon NF was moving in the circles with RC, who started to present his advocacy, SP. As RC is highly credible and has a wonderful SP, friends and supporters started to donate cash. RC was happy that funds were raised, which meant, he can move on to making the advocacy worthwhile.

Over the years, RC and NF bonded until that day when RC noticed something seemed to be wrong and NF could not be found. Thus, began the investigation, RC had a hunch. As soon as he saw the bank records and other financial documents, a huge seven-digit figure was missing. Being cool, RC kept quiet. He refused the idea of talking to the press, as a financial scandal would have been all over the papers and cause embarrassment to the advocacy of RC and NF. What worried RC more is that most of the missing money were from donations coming from showbiz and non-showbiz friends.

The grapevine among the NGOs indicated shock, as NF seemed to be incapable of dishonesty, but the deed was done and rumors have it that NF has a passion for high-end items, such as designer bags.

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.”― Suzanne Collins

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  1. wow. juicy!

    row 4 ako ngayon madaming artista kasi may charity institutions eh.

  2. RC - B, NF - B, SP - M. Hula lang.

  3. Mukhang tama kayo sa B and B klasmeyts pero sinech ang mga ito?! Clues pa more please! Bokya ako today.

  4. Clues pls classmates

    1. Hindi artista pero KaF si RC.

  5. Kaf or Kah?
    Ang hirap naman hulaan

  6. Si RC si B ng KaF. Si NF si B. Si SP si M sure na sure na

  7. RC- B; NF- B.

    Hindi businessman si B, baka iba iniisip niyo!

  8. RC is partly at fault, to start with you never never never, give signing authority to withdraw moNies, no matter how busy a person is



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