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Friday, February 15, 2019

Tight Guarding

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Female Talent (FT) entered the life of Network Actor (NA) when he needed someone at a low point in his life. His closest family members had left and NA seemed to be without someone to whom he can be himself and open his heart to. FT opened her arms and accepted NA.

When NA and FT publicly admitted they were officially a couple, their followers were happy and were the closest friends of NA. He seemed to be the happiest person around and his social media posts reflected his feelings. Every time there was a special occasion, NA would document the event in his posts, which allowed fans to follow their story.

Often, they would be teased on the big day. NA, however, would just smile at such questions. What was sure was that both still had dreams to pursue and as it turns out, they were supportive of each other. NA was the ideal partner when FT wanted to make her dream come true. Their followers loved them more for such show of support for each other. As their relationship moved on, so did their careers and everything seemed fine until a painful reality was revealed. It was over.

When news broke that the couple had split up, speculations started. Even if the statements indicated that both were mature enough to accept the end of their relationship, finding out the reason was the next step for their followers. According to the grapevine, jealousy was the culprit.

NA used to have a reputation of being a player, which apparently remained in the mind of FT. Thus, FT allegedly tightened her hold a bit in dear that NA might go back to his old ways. Worse, FT wanted to install security cameras in the home of NA to make sure he is behaving. The monitor will only be at the home of FT. She will, thus, be able to monitor any movement in his home. Consequently, such setup also means NA would no longer have as much privacy in his own place knowing FT could be watching him without being present.

Nonetheless, unless either reveals the major reason for their breakup, the only thing for sure is that they are single at the moment and working on projects for their career.

‘I think it's important to get your surroundings as well as yourself into a positive state - meaning surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.’ – Heidi Klum

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  1. W and M. Sure na!

  2. OA ng cctv ah. Hahahahaha

    1. Bahay ni Kuya ang peg. Jusme.

    2. bipolar angdatingan ng may pa cctv pa

  3. Grabe nman to daig pa ang mag.asawa. Hahaha, nawalan na ng personal space yung dyowa nya. Sino ba nman gusto magkagf ng ganito. ­čśé

  4. More clues on M and W please.

  5. Mukang c M & W ito

  6. That's so creepy, wanting to install security cameras. Good for NT that they broke up, FT sounds psychotic.

  7. FT = W
    NA = M

    yes thats true. we, the fans know about the cctv. medyo OA tlga si W sa part na yun.

  8. NA - M
    FT - W

    both kaH

  9. If you don't trust him then there's no point being in a relationship with him

  10. NA is M na kaH, from rshow... FT is W

  11. NA - M kaH from rshow FT - W kaH sayang. I thought they are good for each other, and crush ko dati si NA haha

  12. creepy na nga hindi pa siya kagandahan. lol

  13. dapat maghiwalay na talaga kc jowa pa lng grabe an ang duda bat ka pa di aalis.baka si girl nagiaing na mas makahanap pa sya,same career nga pero si girl kasama lagi sa circle ng mature guy nman di nannag evolve.

  14. ang jirap sino sin M at W?

  15. Ok gets ko ang M at W
    Ang dko gets bakit wala clue sa title?



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