Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Favored One

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Everyone deserves a second chance. People can make wrong choices that can affect their future not just once or twice, but several times. They can continue with their ways or see the consequences of their actions on their self-esteem, relationships, and career. To balance the scale, other people will always offer help for someone who wants to change.

When Non-showbiz Star (NS) started his career, he was easily noticed by fans, as he showed leadership and effort for his group. In such a short time, people knew NS was going to make name and reputation in his obvious career. NS was successful, as he made sure he showed his skills, which made people believe he had potential to make it big. However, early as then, NS had been known to be unable to control his passion and allegedly even would get into brawls over some non-career issue.

With his background set aside, NS faced the world he knew he was made for. He delivered and was praised for his efforts in making sure his group would come out triumphant. Somewhere along the way, things changed and NS realized he was no longer as good as the younger ones. NS was lost and allegedly turned to questionable behavior. This attitude affected his pride, and consequently, his love and his career. The consequence of his actions erased most of the work he has invested in his career. His finances were not in order, as his capability to work was in doubt. His lover could no longer trust him as well.

Sensing NS was really going nowhere, Public Personality (PP) took pity on the young lad. Believing in his potential, PP took NS in and gave him work that fit his skills. However, kibitzers feel something seems to be off, as NS seems to be receiving special treatment from PP, who happens to be married and have adult children. Of all possible standouts, PP chose NS, who, despite his greatness, was a potential troublemaker. PP dismissed that idea, as he had already made up his mind. Rumors have it that PP would personally cook for NS, and when he does, it’s a feast made specially for NS. The question is whether PP has his personal interest in NS, but then that would only prove that rumors about him are true after all.

‘Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.’ ― Epicurus

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