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Friday, February 1, 2019

The Best Competitor Wins

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Being the Favored One (FO) of an Influential Individual (II) will always have benefits and subtle advantages over other network talents. With his looks and talent, FO caught the eye of II, who then made sure he would have projects and slowly build a career. FO gained exposure in various shows and unlike his contemporaries, enjoys the backing of II.

However, II, it seems, is not the only one who fancies FO. Given his exposure and word-of-mouth prowess in bed, II found out that many are interested to book him. Prior to getting his big break, rumors have it that FO has a client list from gays to the moneyed old women. II suddenly felt a bit of insecurity, as FO might indeed go back to his alleged old job if the price is right. So, II used her influence to make sure FO will only focus on her needs.

Nonetheless, II found out that a Public Personality (PP) is interested in getting the services of FO for a coming major event. PP and FO are allegedly even bonding, as FO is a frequent visitor of PP. When II learned of this development, her instinct was that FO might be giving his services to PP as well. Competition is tough, as the major event would bring in a lot money, which II does not have. Thinking that PP would have the financial advantage to lure FO, II had to think of a plan to make sure he would not go astray.

II made sure FO would get more than what he expects as his regular talent fee in his next project appearance. After his successful show, FO did receive more than what he expected. His effort paid off and he was indeed happy. When the smoke cleared, II made sure she reminded FO that she was on top of everything and that it was through her influence that FO got on board. Moreover, II warned FO not to see PP again, as he might just be used. Besides, association with people like PP often hurt the image of talents. II stressed that she does not want FO to be connected with anyone, but the network. FO understood and since that moment, only had his loyalty set to serve the management and II, of course.

‘The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.’– Howard Cosell

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  1. juiccyyy.,help mga scholars

  2. Replies
    1. Parang hindi nag fit sa clues 1:25

    2. Ito din ang naisip ko..

    3. Z at C? Nakakaloka si C kung siya nga! Sobrang respected at classy ang dating pero pumapatol sa mga starlets!

  3. II - V
    FO - Z
    PP - ?

  4. The pabook guy is C I think...quite disappointed :(

  5. hala sino ito..bat ba ang hirap di na ako nakaka guess..i guess i need to study muna mga baks.

  6. Sino kaya sa dalawang C? H m m sino kaya ang guy? Si T ba or G, Z ? Interesting pero di ko mahulaan!

  7. si Z ata c guy na nagkaroon ng malaking blessing sa isang show. parang fishy nga kase ang simple ng ginawa nya



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