Monday, February 11, 2019

Insta Scoop: Bianca Lapus Reveals Almost Dying in Giving Birth, Thanks Hospital Staff, Friends, and Husband

Images courtesy of Instagram: biancalapus


  1. Mas lalong mahirap pag40s ka na nagbuntis ;( pagaling ka and praying for ur baby

  2. Age doesnt matter dear.i was pregnant at 25 and had complicated pregnancy bec of bicornuate uterus. I also had premie born at 6 months & 3 weeks.

    I got pregnant last yr again but this time i'm 39 but the pregnancy was so much better. I have a healthy baby. Full term pregnancy. It really depends on circumstances.
    I had the best doctors then and now. All.I had was faith in the Lord. Yun lang.

    Bianca is lucky to have a full support system and strong faith. She'll get through this. Her baby will feel all the love and will grow healthy and strong just like Hunter Pitt. 😊

    1. Kaya nga Mas lalong ginamit eh?! Di ka nagbasa. Alam naman na pregnancy is harder when ur older truth yan

    2. Anon 12:21AM, it really depends on circumstances. I got pregnant at 40, gave birth at 41. It was such an easy pregnancy, no complications, no limitations. I was going up ladders to decorate our kitchen counters. I was never on bedrest; my bloodtests were always good. Kaniya-kaniyang circumstances.



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