Thursday, February 21, 2019

Good Riddance, Boy

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During a photoshoot for a publication, Fashion Conscious celebrity (FC) was immediately drawn to Network Newbie (NN). NN is young, good-looking, and belongs to the new generation of talents a network is building up. As a respected fashion consultant, FC extended his help during the photoshoot.

Even if FC was part of the photoshoot, he assisted NN in choosing the wardrobe and advising him how to go about with the shoot. Of course, NN was impressed with the credentials of FC, who is a celebrity himself and a reliable talent for showbiz functions. Moreover, FC did work as a fashion consultant in magazines and other sites. As FC went fussing over NN even if the production team already had staff assigned to them, NN was just starstruck with the attention given by FC. Unknowingly, some of the production members already noticed the different manner FC was giving NN even if a cuter hunk was with them in the said project.

When the session was over, FC asked for NN’s number, as he promised to help the young talent improve his fashion sense and overall bearing. NN did not see anything wrong and gave his contact number easily.

After some time, NN received a call from FC, who invited him to drop by his place so they can talk about fashion tips, just like he promised. However, NN was fully booked with network commitments and had to turn down FC. Then, NN told A Handler (AH) that FC was inviting him over to his place. AH raised an eyebrow and cautioned NN from accepting a similar invitation later on. AH told NN about the rumor surrounding the preference of FC and assured NN that his management has all the resources he needs for fashion issues and image buildup. In other words, what FC is offering NN, his management can provide.

FC did call NN later on and NN told him he was busy and that his management would already take care of his needs. That was allegedly the last call FC made to NN. FC apparently learned that NN told a number of people that he had invited the newbie to his pad for fashion consultation. Being a veteran in the industry, FC knew what such story could imply on rumors of his identity. So, to keep away from the recurring intrigue, FC stopped his attempts to become close to NN.  

‘What I truly desire to do, I shall dare attempt.’ ― Lailah Gifty Akita

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  1. Replies
    1. Ha! X may have been a model but he's not a fashionista. Guess again :)

  2. R and E. Cuter hunk is J.

  3. Wooh! Hirap! Clues pa! Ahaha!

  4. Replies
    1. but in fairness FC is the handsomest, not to mention the most ripped, of them all. 😉

  5. FC- R
    NN- E
    Gwapo at bata pa naman si E

  6. FC - R
    NN - E
    Hunk - J

  7. Si R na ano te? Si E na ano? KaF ba ito?

  8. Si E lang ang nahulaan ko. More clues to R and J please.

  9. Gets ko si R, sya nga kagad kong naisip pero sino si NN.... sino yun E na sinasabi nyo mga bax. Help naman more clues pls!

  10. Fc is x or p for paminta

    1. Read the clues! FC is a "respected fashion consultant" so your guess is off

  11. Sino si E mga baks? Kilala ko si R

  12. Sino si R at E? Help!



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