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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Duping or Good Business Leadership

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When one has achieved a level of fame, gains can be made from the familiarity or recall of one’s name. A mention of a certain name would subsequently be synonymous to a certain reputation. Such reputation can be positive, which can lead to endorsements, or negative, which can invite bashers. Thus, maintaining a name in the positive light can bring not just good feels, but money as well.

Having a familiar name, which was established because of her involvement with showbiz personalities, opened more doors for Named Entrepreneur (NE). Although NE stayed away from the family business to make it on her own, NE became a celebrity through her effort. Luckily, NE shunned showbiz and politics as well. NE decided to stick it out to her private life after spending years in the limelight of the entertainment industry.

Subsequently, this period helped NE gain the trust of people, regardless of knowing them personally. One of the ventures NE has explored is selling merchandise that caters to a certain market segment. This market segment happens to be among the top spenders or buyers in traditional and online channels.

NE saw the opportunity to address the need of the market segment and started selling her merchandise at a hefty price. Given her reputation, buyers were attracted, as NE has experiences in this area, which adds to her credibility as a seller. Unfortunately, a Keen Buyer (KB) noticed that NE is allegedly selling high-price goods that are being sold cheaply in other online sites. KB felt that NE was ripping off money from her innocent customers, who might have been attracted by her reputation and effort for the site.

For others, NE is merely doing business and buyers have the choice to buy from the site or search for another online seller.

‘Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect.’ – W. Clement Stone

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  1. Hirap clues please!

  2. Hmm...M? From an alta family. Or if I go with the title, D? Does she have a business though?

  3. Parang si L na may anak na ngayon!

  4. Replies
    1. wala naman binibenta yan online, nag aadvertise lang but not hers.

  5. D? Rip off merchs. She's good in marketing lang

  6. this D. Na hindi dumikit sa fam bus nila pero nagstay sa limelight sandali.



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