Saturday, September 1, 2018

Pulling Him Out of the Ditch

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Showbiz can be very unkind to former celebrities whose fates did not turn out as expected. While having a celebrity status is equivalent to fame and fortune, many celebrities have taken things for granted and made mistakes along the way. Others were able to check and resolve their mistakes and a few decided they no longer want to be part of the world.

When Handsome Personality (HP) started lying low from the business, his followers dismissed his lack of appearances to the normal cycle of a career and that he will soon rise again. Perhaps, he needed a vacation from the cameras or needed to take care of his personal obligations. Regardless of the speculations, financial matters hounded HP.

Over the years, the investments of HP no longer delivered but instead of taking it easy, HP continued with his lifestyle. Relationships came and went, as HP found ways to support his high maintenance way of living. For a time, he went overseas and allegedly found a Gay Benefactor (GB), who treated him well. However, HP was restless and tried to make his presence felt in the local arena.

HP did not lose time as he continued to mingle with the rich and famous in private parties. His connections worked and he had several relationships that met his fancy. Once they were over, HP had to move on again. This time, HP was found by Competent Woman (CW), who gave him what he wanted. Unfortunately, HP did not return the kindness and CW had no choice but to ditch him. HP left and went back to GB. Things have changed, as GB had already met someone more loyal. HP was left in the cold.  

Despite all these personal events, HP never failed a Family Member (FM), who seemed out of touch with the depleted resources of HP. HP, meanwhile, did not show FM that he was in a bind. Whatever FM wanted regardless of cost, HP would buy. One time, FM asked for an expensive high-end outfit. HP did his best to raise the money just to save his face to FM.

Things were getting hard and HP wanted to escape. He allegedly took a pill too many. Well, he again was unsuccessful. He was found on time and rushed to the hospital. This time, his True Friend (TF) came over and helped him out. TF talked to HP and extended his hand. He took HP to counselling. After all, there was a time when HP was the bigger star, but TF stayed focus and did not let his personal intrigues affect his career. Moreover, TF requested friends and family to keep the event from the press, as he did not want more embarrassment for HP.

‘Every human being must find his own way to cope with severe loss, and the only job of a true friend is to facilitate whatever method he chooses.’ – Caleb Carr

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  1. HP is D grabedad si koya. Bakit di magbanat ng buto or tumigil muna sa pang mayaman niyang lifestyle di naman siya mayaman

    1. Classmate, clue. Baka cleaners ako today!!

  2. HP - D
    GB - ?
    CW - C
    TF - P

    magna cum laude lang akelya. meron akong isang item na hindi knowsline. kaimbyerna.

  3. I love P na talaga.

  4. HP - O
    TF - B


  5. D and P. Ang bait talaga ni P. Tama nga ang saying na "No one can put a good man down."

  6. HP-D, CW-C, TF-P & GB-?
    Pak ang swerte ni Gay Benefactor nagkasama cla ng paulitulit ni D.

  7. Sana ayusin ni D ang life nya di ba may junakis sya? And si P mabait talaga kaya kahit anong chismis and question sa pagkatao nya he is very blessed

  8. HP - D na kaF ulit recently, naging kaH & kaS din for a while GB - ? CW - C FM - D TF - P, loyal kaF

  9. Super bait ni P.

  10. And this is why no matter the intriga, iskandalo, malice or names ang ibato kay P, e parang may superpowerful guardian angel or Invisible Woman Force Field na parang tatalsik lang ang binato mo.

  11. Lalo akong na inlove kay P.

  12. More clues about kay HP please!

  13. HP- D, palipat lipat ngbstation pero kaF na ulit
    CW - C, di artista pero related sa mga artista ang biz
    TF - P, kaF din
    GB - Eto ang di ko knows

  14. bat kc di umayos kay CW sunod nanpahat ng luho,iniwan pa ni CW ang asawa para sa kanya.

  15. No wonder kahit may edad na si P eh ganda pa rin aura nya. Kasi ang bait nya



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