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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Ugly Duckling

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Dear Fashion Pulis,

The idea and standard of beauty that the media has created is something that I do not agree with. Lead roles and magazine covers are only for the pretty face. Fashion is not for the fat girl. And the idea that the society accepts such trends repulses me.

But what I am afraid to say is that I don’t exactly like myself. I hide behind the advocacy that beauty should come naturally, but the truth is I am simply not taking care of myself. Reunions after reunions, my relatives and friends would come to me and tell me “Uyy mag-ayos ka naman!” They would even brush my hair and joke about me having too much hair fall.

And then I got tired of it. So, I gave myself a resolution: to improve my overall wellness. I now take time to pick up my groceries and toiletries. I no longer buy junk food because I want to be healthier, not skinny. I now choose herbal hair care products because I want my scalp and hair to be strong enough to let it down, not to look like those models. I now use herbal skin care products because I want to nourish my skin, not because the media told me to do so.

I am done with being ugly, if ugly means not being conscious about your health.

Thanks for hearing my hugot, FP!



  1. Infairness, malambot ito sa buhok at nakakatanggal ng dandruff

  2. Ito ang shampoo nmin, malambot ang buhok at mabango din.

  3. gamit gamit ko for more than a year na. effective siya, in all honesty.

  4. I've been suffering from hair fall for about 2 years since I gave birth. I first thought it was hormonal but if it was, it shouldn't last that long. I tried this shampoo brand (I used the Argan oil variant) and after about 2-3 weeks of using this, there is a significant decrease in my hair fall. Very effective.

  5. Ok napabili ako kanina nito sa grocery dahil sa article na to dahil grabe din ang hairfall ko. Fingers crossed sana gumana sa akin



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