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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Make It Real This Time

For some people, finding love and the right one is a heart-breaking journey, as failure of expectations can bring much disappointment and even days of depression. In the entertainment industry, talents are divided on who they should fall in love with. On the one hand, some would prefer fellow actors and justify this choice by saying that they prefer people who understand their work. On the other hand, others would rather find love among non-showbiz folks, as they would have a bit of privacy. Nonetheless, love simply happens.

When Attractive Talent (AT) came into the industry, she had so much expectations in her career. As she developed into a competent performer, her lovelife started to bloom. Thus, she and her Actor Lover (AL) became one of the most popular couples in the industry. The public though they would end up together, but after many years, they called it off. AL had moved on and has settled down.

Love did come to AT again, and this time, he was someone who was in the same field. They seemed to be the perfect match, and again, fans rooted for them to settle down. They even did a lot of travelling together and followers looked forward to their social media posts. Then one day, the followers of AT noticed she was posting solo pictures, and she was indeed single again. No explanation was given as to why that relationship did not last. Some immediately assumed that this former lover had other responsibilities that he had to face.

Recently, AT was seen outside the country with an alleged Public Servant (PS), who is well known in his respective locale. The two were chummy with each other and AT seemed happy. Has AT finally found her true love? Despite being a politician, PS still has much privacy, as his position did not require him to campaign outside his jurisdiction.

Incidentally, AT was seen with Another Politician (AP), who happens to be very single. Those who saw them hoped they were together. AT and AP looked like they had chemistry, but as no admission or verification had come from their camps, no one really knew the extent of the relationship of the two. Nevertheless, as AT and PS are assumed together, fans are hoping that AT finally found her happiness.

‘The elusive nature of love... it can be such a fleeting thing. You see it there and it's just fluttering and it's gone.' - Mick Jagger

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  1. AT - B
    AL - J
    PS - W

  2. AT - B
    AL - J
    ung another love niya si F
    PS - W

  3. mas okay na lang si PS kesa don sa ex mo kung hiwalay na nga na future mo single at wala pang excess baggage. unlike don sa isa na may chismax na si ate Girl pa lagi nagbabayad.

  4. Cluessssssssss

    Wala talaga akong idea


  5. Clue parents sila matangkad at foreigner the guy

  6. Clues nman kay PS and AP

  7. AT-B as in maganda sya
    AL-J bff ni A
    PS-J akala ko may gf tong bagets?
    AP-W pwede nga

  8. I really had no idea who's AT and AL. Any additional clues about them please.



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