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Monday, December 25, 2017

Just Get The Size

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Closeted Professional (CP) lives a double life. In the eyes of the public, he is a devoted family man who is dedicated to his profession. In addition, he has established himself in his practice and his name has become synonymous to quality work. However, CP allegedly has a major, major crush on Hunk Actor (HA), even though he is no longer as popular as when he was discovered. With his almost perfectly toned body and his natural looks, CP assumed that everything must be downright interesting, muscular, and huge.

The problem was that CP and HA are not friends. Thus, CP had to think of a way to become close to HA without scaring him. The easiest way to get close to a celebrity begins with exploratory calls and questions on whether he or she could become an endorser. Without a stable career these days, HA entertained the possibility of helping out CP in his profession. As CP hurdled step one, the rest of the strategy was easy.

Using money to show his generosity, CP showered HA with lavished gifts. Rumors have it that HA is already acquainted with such advances, which made CP confident in his own moves and getting what he wants from HA. Obviously, HA played innocent and told CP that he has not had any male-to-male experience. He was hinting that he was not interested. However, CP knew how to play the game and the response of HA only challenged him.

After developing his relationship with HA, CP continued with his moves, as after all, his imagination was growing and HA seemed promising. Then, one night, persistence paid off. CP was going to get his present after all his hard work. HA finally agreed. CP started thinking of dimensions and large measurements.

The night was full of electricity and CP was excited. As soon as HA was ready, CP did his thing and continued. Time seemed to be taking a bit, as nothing seems to be hardening. CP persisted and exerted more effort. After some time, CP realized that nothing was indeed moving, as that was it. HA was not as huge as he had expected. The joke was that he was expecting salami, but got vienna sausage instead.

What happens in the bedroom did not end in the bedroom, as CP had to share his disappointment. Through taking with his friends, he learned that HA had played him well. Knowing that he lacked the size, HA would make it a bit difficult for the interested party to get him. By playing hard to get, the interest in him heightens and given that no one knows his actual size, HA is assured that his benefactor will not leave him. By the time the truth is revealed, HA would have already benefitted from the lavish gifts and lifestyle sponsored by his patron.

Stories travel fast and soon, the manager of HA found out the story. The manager immediately called HA and told him to meet up. When HA entered the office, he was met by his angry manager, who ranted and reprimanded him. After all, even if he is no longer as hot, he has never run out of work and thus, there was no need for any booking on his part. Perhaps, HA was just being practical, as having his constant dates would assure his finances and he does not have to spend long hours under the sun.

‘People trust their eyes above all else - but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there.’― ZoĆ« Marriott 

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  1. Merry Xmas classmates! Pakopya naman!

  2. Maligayang Pasko mga classmates!
    HA - Si D ba eto???

    1. hindi si D yan ang laki ng ano nya nakita ko sa IG

  3. D na dating sikat na aktor decades ago

  4. ano naman ang kakaiba sa bi n eto, lahat naman ng artista pa book kung walang pera

    1. akala kasi biggie un pala xs lang hahaha... grabeng kadatungan ang inilabas bienna sausage lang pala matitikman.

  5. Grabe naman ng blind item na toh SPG!!!

  6. HA-J?
    CP- M na asawa ni P

  7. CP=macho...friend ni c HA=pogi and yummy pero halata talaga na dyuts...di bumubukol...naikot na niya lahat ng station...

  8. cp- M dunno who hp is

  9. CP - S semi sikat na d HA - J as in jutay Manager - P Merry Christmas classmates

  10. ....he does not have to spend long hours under the sun. - clue ba itey or figure of speech lang?
    kasi kung clue i take it as related sa pagbibilad sa araw yung projects ni HA?

  11. Pakopya naman ng sagot mga classmates! I wanna know who is CP! I want a new sugar daddy this 2018 hahaha
    Merry Christmas classmates! -20 yrs old sugar boy



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