Saturday, December 16, 2017

Just Be Gracious

Competition in the workplace can spice up the mood and challenge employees to rise above expectations. Rivalries are heightened to show the better one in his/her job. Handled properly, such competitions among employees can work positively for the growth of a company. Departments of networks are not exempted from employees or talents trying to outdo each other. Of course, viewers are spared from seeing the battlefield, as only the best products are presented on screen.

In front of the camera, Media Personality 1 (M1) and Media Personality 2 (M2) show a harmonious relationship with each other. Having similar areas of expertise, M1 and M2 often times would cross paths in events outside the station. While M1 has to deliver a story almost daily, M2 does not have such responsibility for the network. In terms of experience, M2 has the edge, as he started from the bottom and made his way up the ranks in his field. Through hard work, he established his reputation. His opinions are valued and when he talks, people listen. However, sometimes, his rants can go over the top and his life in media is sometimes made exciting by intrigues.

Similarly, M1 started young and because of her background, she managed to have an advantage over other media personalities. Although she does not have any bragging rights as far as connections are concerned, M1 can sometimes come off as placing herself in a superior position. This attitude probably stems from where she got her education and whenever she gets the chance, she would emphasize her college, as though saying that she is better than the rest because of her training. Short of bragging, M1 can make people feel that she is a notch about everyone in the beat.

During the rare times when M1 ends up working with M2, the latter can feel how the former bucks his sentences and make her opinion sound better than his ideas. Worse, M1 could make M2 sound inferior even if he happened to be more senior than she is. While on the job, M2 cannot retaliate with a play on words against M1, as they have to project a harmonious relationship, as viewers are watching and sensitive to any animosity that might reverberate. Behind the scenes, M2 cannot stand the nerves of M1, but since he is the older one, he simply tries to understand where she is coming from. Besides, both of them only have the interest of the network in mind.

'Insecure people only eclipse your sun because they’re jealous of your daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights.' ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. J

    Uwian na bahala kayo maglinis mga beks

  2. Read mo at lalake yung isa at babae naman yung isa

  3. Replies
    1. M2- V is my guess.
      Well V can be crass, petty and brutal while K is patronizing, condescending, boastful.

  4. anong show to classmates?

  5. babae't lalaki po ito...pero wala pa akong idea kung sino :(

  6. I thought of K and V kaso hindi swak sa title

  7. Are they from news?

  8. di mahulaan. sino ba sa mga taga media mahilig ibandera yung eskwelahan nila?

  9. M1 - b
    M2 - a
    Pero mukhang kinukulit lng ni b si a. Pero baka naman mali ako

  10. show - B

    yun na yun

  11. m1 si j. m2 si b na. tama ba? hehehe

  12. M1- K na galing b M2- clue please haha mayabang talaga yang si m1! kagigil!

  13. Si G yata yung girl. Not so sure but seems like her. Idk the guy



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