Saturday, December 23, 2017

Buying For Her

These days, everything has a price, which makes certain recognitions of celebrities raise a lot of eyebrows. While award-giving bodies have been rocked with scandals concerning their results, organizers have become sensitive even to jokes made about how they choose winners. Small talks concerning such topic can somewhat blemish the integrity of an award-giving body and fans of celebrities who failed to win would then have a field day bashing the organizers. Nonetheless, most award-giving events would always elicit rumors that movements behind the scenes would make sure so and so celebrity would win. One event that gives out yearly awards has not been spared. Gaining recognition from this group requires having reached a certain achievement in various areas, such as entertainment, public affairs, and even politics. Thus, when names are announced and a name has yet to really establish a mark in his/her field, comments would focus on whether such person is deserving. Such reactions could not be avoided, but the usual response is that the choice is the prerogative of the organizers.

A Young Actress (YA) is at the center of such controversy. YA has been in the entertainment industry for several years and was touted to be a promising star when she was initially discovered. YA had the looks and the talent. The network paired her with several actors, but the only loveteam that showed fan acceptance had to be dropped, as the male celebrity could not cope with the acting level of YA.

Despite her being considered as experienced compared to her contemporaries, YA could not really claim full stardom. Her presence in a project does not guarantee sure box office returns or even high ratings. However, her network has faith in her and she still plays lead roles and can deliver. Stardom is really elusive, unfortunately. Thus, the rumor spread that her recognition might have been sponsored. Allegedly, an old wealthy man, who happens to be a friend of someone in the planning team, invested money for the sake of YA. With friendship and money talking, YA got her recognition. With this award, YA now has to prove she is deserving of the recognition to silence her critics.

‘Awards are so unnecessary because I think we get so much out of our work just by doing it. The work is a reward in itself.’ - Natalie Portman

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  1. Replies
    1. Same tayo ng naiisip.

  2. Ka-H. In fairness true napakagaling niyang umarte so there is no need to buy award/s for her. Siguro mas dapat bigyan ng pansin yung packaging saka materials na makakakuha sa attention ng mga tao.

  3. sino sya? pakopya!

  4. B of KaH. I don't really know her nor any of her projects but her fans claiming she's the tq of KaH.

    1. You don't know her but you know that she is KaH...

  5. Mukhang si K nga ng kaH. May nakuha siyang award recently

  6. Si mukhasim ba classmates? Help pls..



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