Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Reason for Breaking Up

One of the traits admired of Talented Celebrity (TC) is how she handled her relationship with her Former Boyfriend (FB). During the time when TC was making the usual round of networks in seeking better opportunities, she and FB were still together. As she tried to find herself, FB was beside her, but he did not bother to share her limelight.

TC and FB shared the same passion, a talent in which TC had her own set of followers. Together the two of them would be seen engaged in their art, and would even be seen enjoying themselves in out-of-town trips. The two seemed to have an ideal relationship then. However, TC finally hit it big and FB knew his place. He remained in the background and focused on his own career growth.

Meanwhile, TC managed to transform herself by playing various roles. Her projects garnered the expected audience share, and TC found her space in the network. Hence, she finally got the fame that has eluded her. The resulting consequence with her fame is that her every movement is now being followed and noticed in social media.

When followers noticed that photos of TC and FB in social media were becoming rare, speculations were raised that the two had gone their separate ways. The rumor was first dismissed, as the two have been together for a time and their followers wished for them to end up together. However, the breakup was confirmed when TC was already seen dating a non-showbiz celebrity.

The cause of the breakup was never revealed, as TC has not really said anything. Thus, the assumption was that they had just grown apart and perhaps, the new development in the career of TC had taken its toll. With projects left and right, time would always be limited. Nonetheless, a new angle is being speculated. Allegedly, FB might have had fooled around and a moment of indiscretion led to a child, which could have affected their relationship.

Regardless of the reason, TC is now happy with her new partner, while FB is still around and doing what he loves to do.

‘To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.’ - Dave Pelzer

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  1. A na retokada ba ito?

    1. Paano kayo nagkaintindihan? Ang daming retokada. Waaa.

    2. @2:11 ung A na scary ung retoke ata ung tinutukoy nila.. ung pabebe na halos every year nababago feslak..

    3. 2:30 pak wala ng iba lol

    4. thank you 2:30! Nagets ko na!

  2. Replies
    1. Matagal ng hiwalay yang c K at A na sinasabi mo 1:43

  3. This is A. FB is B.

  4. R and W. sure na!

  5. TC = G FB = R FIRST ROW!!!

  6. Nalito na ko. Iba iba kayo ng clueee. Kaf ba o kah?

  7. Ang daming hula kaya lalo ko di mahulan hahahaha.. sino ba talaga mga teh? More clue pls.

  8. Ka-F. Dating Ka-H.



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