Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Insta Scoop: Kris Aquino Honors Cory Aquino

Image courtesy of Instagram: krisaquino


  1. I know some of us have our political leanings, but i ask the we be kind to the memory and person of Mrs. Aquino.

  2. Gosh Kris u always make it about yourself! 🙄

  3. @2:57 The msg was about a daughter longing for her mother and wishing she was still around to make her proud of what she has now become as a mother. Of course, it will have to be about herself.

    Those who have seen and remember the struggles of Kris and Mrs. Aquino in the past will have a better appreciation of Kris' post, as they have seen what unconditonal love of a mother is really about.

    Lets give this to Kris. Afterall, we all have mothers who we also want to make proud.

  4. tapos na. tama na. okie?



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