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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Intimacy Problems

 As couples grow into a relationship that is long lasting, the priorities and focuses differ from the usual “honeymoon stage”. They become busy building their lives together that sometimes, they don’t have time to talk to each other, be with each other and even lack intimacy. Here are some problems that couples face as time goes by:

1.       Psychological factors – The health of intimacy has something to do with the way couples think and their mental state. If they are having personal problems, stress related issues from work or other family members, the intimacy suffers.

2.       Environmental factors – Immediate surroundings play a big part on intimacy. If you live in a small space or sharing a crammed space with other family members, intimacy will lack. This is because even though couples do not thing about it that much, privacy is very important to establish strong physical affectionate exchanges.

3.       Physical factors – When one or both people in the relationship don’t feel good about themselves, automatically they wouldn’t have a drive to intimacy. Another thing is if one or both of them has an illness or a problem in the reproductive area like vaginitis or erectile dysfunction, intimacy will be pushed behind the shelves.

That’s why it is important to make sure you do not ignore these problems. For couples who have grown in the relationship for a long time, these problems shouldn’t matter as you should openly talk to each other about it or find a work around. Surely there are solutions to these problems. For the mental well-being, openly talking about problems reduces tension and helps you to find comfort in the relationship. Environmental factors may sound complicated but it can be as simple as looking for a place with different rooms or being creative on how you can spend time alone. Lastly, physical factors require being healthy and aware. A visit to the doctor wouldn’t hurt or even taking helpful supplements might help! Good thing there is Robust dietary supplement for men that helps in putting the libido back!

Epimedium Extract

Robust is a dietary supplement for men that make you stronger and powerful intimately. It also helps boost fertility, aids in cardiovascular problems, eases musculoskeletal pains and even helps avoid impotence. With Epimedium Extract, L-Arginine, Songaria Cynomorium, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid,

Robust is high content 100% Pure Epimedium, L-Arginine, Songaria Cynomorium, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid of that is made more effective than powdered ingredients. It is a product of extensive research and development that guarantees top quality and excellent promising health results which makes it absolutely different from other supplements.

Note that, Robust is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

Precaution: Intake of any alcoholic beverage is not advisable. Not recommended for ages 18 & below.

Robust should be taken 1 tablet 1-2 hours with an empty stomach before engaging into an intimate activity. Robust is SRP P55.00 per tablet available at all Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.


  1. Ay totoo to. Grabe. My husband tried it and wow! Bongga!

  2. is there any side effect/s?

  3. Anon 4:33 gano kabongga? Lol!



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