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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Amiss with Her Responsibilities

Social status is a highly coveted goal as far as achieving fame in the entertainment industry is concerned. While some of the current stars have showbiz connections, such as having celebrity parents or relatives employed in management positions, most stars have struggled to achieve their present position in the industry. Others have patiently lined up for auditions in reality shows and talents contests. The lucky ones get to be given the chance to join, and once they impress the viewers and judges, offers follow.

Finally, moving from a perennial contestant to a sought after entertainer does wonders for self-fulfillment. However, complications arise when certain obligations are left unmet.

As an entertainer, fashion sense is a must. Other than having a competent makeup artist who can transform a plain face into sophistication, what an artist wears is as important. Given that clothes could make or break the appearance of an artist, outfits are essential. Thus, in the past years, designers have been busy preparing their latest collections, not just for shows, but also for calls coming from celebrities.

Viewers are picky and will quickly note if a performer has worn a gown twice or if an outfit had been worn earlier by another celebrity. Hence, celebrities prefer having their gowns made exclusively for them. When a celebrity needs a new outfit, he or she makes a quick call to a favorite designer, who knows the value of being mentioned on TV or thanked in the celebrity’s social media.

When Network Singer (NS) patiently worked her way up the ladder, opportunities opened. Thus, other than her usual TV appearances, NS would have other engagements either in her own shows or corporate events. Of course, NS needs to be at par with the well-dressed talents of her network, and thus, NS and her camp would call a designer and request for an outfit. Preferably, NS wants the outfit rush. The designer would then meet his or her end of the bargain and deliver the outfit as agreed upon. Now, the designer expects to get paid as fast as he or she met the demand of NT. That’s not the case.

After getting the outfit she wants, NS would become as slow as a tortoise in paying. Allegedly, NS has accumulated a hefty debt from certain top designers, and instead of settling payment, there would be finger-pointing in her camp as to who should prepare the payment, such as telling the designer that payment should come from the production team and not her pocket. As her practice has gotten to be a habit, a group of designers decided to ban her from ordering from their group. Until NS learns to settle her debt to these designers, she might realize it too late that no one would dare trust her anymore. Instead of getting respect because of her perseverance in her career, she might earn a bad reputation for not paying for services rendered. NS should not reason out that she had financial trouble, as she has never run out of projects from her station.

‘A good name is still to be preferred over great riches. Especially it is to be preferred to the appearance of riches, aquired with nothing down and nothing to pay for 2 months.’ ― Ezra Taft Benson

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  1. Sino kaya ito? Naku napaka irresponsible naman. Ang utang ay dapat bayaran.

  2. Could this be.... R ? Nahhh. Now I need more clues pls.

    1. Mayaman yon, at friends yon with local designers.

  3. Si A kaya to? Mukhang sya ung nasa clue mga baks

  4. Si A na ginagaya si R?

  5. This is A of Kaf. Kapal ng face ha. Sakit naman sa tenga boses nito!

  6. A na nagiging kamukha na ni Taklesa? Haha!

  7. None other than A, the impersonator of R

  8. sino ito??? help, mga classmates!

  9. alam mo kung si A nga to, may attitude problem talaga to.



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