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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Si SM May Sticker Pack? Ganern!

Here’s the new thing, I was on Viber yesterday and searched for new sticker packs that I can send to my friends. As I was browsing through the sticker market, I saw SM Supermalls’ Sticker Pack. I tried sending it and it was awesome! Even my friends downloaded it!

To make chatting more interesting for the millennials and millennials-at- heart, SM Supermalls released its very own sticker pack on Viber called the “SM Sticker Pak! Ganern!” for the public to download and enjoy for FREE since this July! With these new set of stickers, be able to invite a friend with a straightforward “Let’s go shopping!” during the “3 Day Sale!,” pull off that “SM ka ba? coz you got it all!” pick up line with your crush, or simply invite your missed friends and loved ones via “Let’s meet and eat! and Date soon!,” tell them it’s “My Treat!,” and receive a joyful “Yaaas!” or just simply send out that “Good MOAnin!” to the universe, say “Heyyy!” and “Thaanks!” to those “Happy to serve” you!

Now if that doesn’t sound exciting enough, wait until your SM sticker pack lets you enjoy shopping with a discount at The SM Store nationwide! Yes, that’s right! The “SM Sticker Pak! Ganern!” comes with shopping promos and deals exclusive only for shoppers who downloaded the sticker pack. SM Sticker pack is available also on desktop:

Download it NOW, ganern! 

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  1. I have these and they are pretty cool. Pretty illustrations with vibrant colors.



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