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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Manipulating the Public to Believe His Half-truths

Sacrifices are made whenever one enters the entertainment industry and opts to perform in front of the cameras rather than work as a private citizen. For example, privacy is a debatable issue in which one side believes that a celebrity should be ready to expose himself/herself, whereas the other thinks certain matters should be kept in the dark.

Thus, when Talented Celebrity (TC) started being candid and admitting to certain accusations hurled at him, he broke protocol. In the industry, admission is hard to come by. The belief is that one should maintain an almost perfect image to be admired by fans. Fans continue to hold on to their thinking that their idols are still reachable until they settle down. This notion adds to the popularity of any idol.

In the case of TC, his admissions seemed to have not affected his present career. Rather than pull him down, his intrigues were silenced because he told the truth instead of denying the obvious matters. Hence, sympathy seems to be with TC these days.

Sometime ago, TC revealed an issue that is often dreaded by actors, particularly the matinee idols. Such issue could affect their status as being single and uncommitted. Nonetheless, TC did not do the usual denial and instead admitted to his ‘crime.’ He did not stop there, however. TC started to blame the other party and even threatened to take the legal route to get what he wanted. Given that the Other Party (OP) was not around to respond in the forum, TC seemed to be unfair by placing OP in a negative position.

When the friends of TC heard the accusations of TC, they were very disappointed. Allegedly, OP tries to be pleasant and continue to entertain TC. However, TC could not stick to just one and thus, he dated left and right.

Allegedly, he could not remain loyal and took for granted the forgiveness OP would do every time he transgressed. When TC started saying hurtful things in public recently, people close to OP were offended, as they knew that TC was the one at fault at the beginning and his statements placed OP in bad light. Nonetheless, they are only friends and unless OP speaks up, TC could manipulate the public to believe in his image of someone who is being prevented to see someone that could be close to his heart.

‘We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.’  ― Arne Tiselius

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  1. No idea. Clues pls

    1. TC's initials NASA title! OP Ay si E.

  2. This is M. Kapal nmn pla ng mukha. Bait-baitan.

  3. Replies
    1. dating KaH, ngayon KaF na. magaling na S.

  4. Gosh, di ko talaga magets kung sino itech

  5. Hay kuhang kuha ko na. Bagong girlfriend nitong M ay Hindi kagandahan Pero maraming pera.



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