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Friday, May 6, 2016

Her Not So Secret Skin Care Regimen

Comparing Jodi Sta. Maria during her “Tabing Ilog” years versus there a difference? With the photos you can say that there has been a change in Jodi’s complexion. The question is, is it just a Photoshop trick or not?

Jodi admits that the secret behind her radiant skin is Gluta-C. Jodi has been very vocal with her endorsement with Gluta-C since her comeback from the “Tabing Ilog” tv series and her latest Gluta-C TVC shows her endorsing "Promise pumuti ako dito. Itataya ko ang pangalan ko."

There are many loyal followers of the Gluta-C skin care line who have attested to its effectivity and many have been using it for years just like Jodi who has been its endorser since 2008. As Jodi campaigns for the tagline “Dapat Choosy, Dapat Gluta-C”, it seems that for her, it is her go-to brand for skin whitening -- effective and safe.

Many say that as years go by, she looks younger and prettier. I always wanted to check this out and see if there is indeed a difference of how she was then and how she is now. Check out her photo then and now .... What do you think?


  1. I'm using the Gluta-C whitening lotion effective sya.

  2. still very pretty tan or no tan

  3. I take GlutaC and everyday i feel like glowing.

  4. My pimples have been controlled with a simpler skin care regimen that includes Gluta-C's day moisturizer and night serum. I've been getting compliments lately which means it's been working! Trufax. Not a sponsored comment and you know that, FP!



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