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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tweet Scoop: Manny Pangilinan Makes Vague Pronouncement

Image courtesy of Twitter: iamMVP

The Brown Tycoon tweeted a very interesting item which sent Manila and the rest of the country on a wild guessing game.

Some parties think it might be FIBA related, given Smart Gilas’ recent success. So called insiders are speculating on a latest business merger. Maybe a major shake up in TV5? Will he follow another Manny’s footsteps and enter politics like Congressman Pacquiao? Imagine the Philippines headed by someone who’s not a former actor, not a lifelong politician, not part of a dynasty, but with a CEO for a President. Imagine that.

“I guess rumours are more exciting than the truth.” — Venus Williams

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  1. baka magreretire na siya? or formal announcement of the network change? wag na lang siya magpolitika, please

  2. he said not related to politics ata

  3. Maybe business merger, maybe it's really a big business

  4. Baka GMA 7 at TV5 merger

  5. baka eto na ung TV 5 and GMA 7 Merge. OMG

  6. He's going to run for president.

  7. He annouce the FREE INTERNET for all PREPAID subscribers of Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular

  8. So what was the announcement?



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