Thursday, September 20, 2012

NTC: Smart is Better Than Globe

Yesterday, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) confirmed the network superiority of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) following the release of the results of its network quality tests for the second quarter of this year which showed Smart posting significantly better test results than Globe Telecom.

Globe, however, issued a statement that attempted to turn the results of the NTC'S Quality of Service Benchmarking Test upside down.

According to that test, Smart’s network rated higher in four of the five parameters that had been defined by the NTC in consultation with all three mobile phone operators. These four important parameters where Smart posted better scores are: 1) Drop Call Rate; 2) Call Set Up Time; 3) Average Signal Quality; and 4) Average Receive Signal Level.

In its statement, however, Globe conveniently downplayed or disregarded these parameters and focused on the “blocked call” parameter, which was the only test that showed better results for Globe. On that basis, Globe said that its “legacy network” was better than that of Smart.

This is the same legacy network that Globe officials have admitted, in several recent occasions, to be congested.

This selective reading of the test results defies arithmetic, and, more importantly, flies in the face of consumer experience.

Globe’s press statement also contains a substantive misinterpretation of the test results in one of the key parameters – the Average Receive Signal Level. Globe said in its statement that: “The final metric is the Average Receive Signal Level with a minimum acceptable range of -85 dBm. Both telcos did not make it to the standard.”



  1. Di na ako na shock nito. Sa experience ko lang sa globe, sobrang nakakabwesit.

    First, 3 months akong hindi makatawag sa mga contacts ko in bukidnon, especially in Malaybalay. 3 months hah..!!! Hanggang txt lang talaga! Sobrang sayang ng unli call plan ko na di ko din naman magamit.. I'm from bukidnon, and now staying in Zambales. So ganun lang talaga ka importante ang mga tawag ko. Palagi lang sagot ng globe was under system enhancement!!! Nakakaloka..

    second, ngayon lang ay di naman ako makatawag sa globe numbers sa Metro Manila!!! Ano ba'yan!!??!! System enhancement na naman ba ito???

  2. I like globe but I can't enjoy their 3G ... It has to have full bars signal to stream not like smart even a single bar works..

  3. Paying 2k+ for their unli 3g service but i get easily disconnected. It wasnt like this before. I tried to reset it several times already but nawawala padin 3g. Sayang naman binabayad ko. Whats up globe???!?

  4. Two months ng walang 3G signal ang Globe tattoo stick ko. Sobrang bad trip! 'Di ko alam ano nangyari sa Globe. Sabi ng Globe Customer Service sa akin System Enhancement daw! Ang tagal naman ayusin services nyo! Mababawasan na kayo subscriber. I rather switch to Smart bro kahit mahina signal dito sa amin. Sana magkaroon na ng 4G HSDPA+ ang Smart dito sa Pampanga

  5. Globe... It's time to live more! :)

  6. Don't have any problem with globe Bb user since 2008 even in out of the country trips it never failed even in crucial live tweeting in events, it also saved me in a livestreaming event have faith girls

  7. Wow sponsor ang smart!!!

  8. Yes, it was difficult to use Globe a few months back, but it's doing ok now. Hopefully tuloy tuloy na! I've been a Globe user for more than a decade now, and i dont plan to switch to Smart, kahit ano pa sabihin ng NTC and ni fp haha

  9. ang bgal ng globe it sucks!!!!!!ewwww

  10. Globe goes down.



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