Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guess Who's on the Bench Billboard


  1. billy balbastro!

  2. another loser who will collapse when there is a super typhoon?

    1. The Philippines should do what Sao Paulo, Brazil did in 2007. The mayor and other city officials made a law banning all billboards, banners and fliers. They wanted to get rid of the visual pollution throughout the city. The transformation of the huge city was amazing. Within one year all the billboards and banners were gone and the city looked so clean and much less chaotic. But I don't think, it will ever happen in this country. This country is too corrupt and the politicians and government officials are making a lot of pocket money from these billboards. A good number of these billboards are even illegal. Anything goes in this country, so long as you have lots of bribe money.



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