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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pepsi Herrera for Mint

One of the top Filipino designers in the fashion industry who had made its mark in the country today is Pepsi Herrera. He is widely known for his simple yet elegant gown designs and his classic stylish men’s suits. His design invariably incorporates the personality of his clients. On the other hand, Mint has been a trendsetter in the local market. They have introduced preppy & chic designs for men and women specializinging fashionable tops, bottoms and accessories. Inspired by his high-end sense of fashion, Mint collaborated with Pepsi Herrera to revolutionize men’s fashion sense. Being stylish is about looking good and knowing what to wear right now. With trends changing faster, this designer line elaborates every man’s own sense of style with chic.

The Pepsi Herrera Line will have his classic & preppy suits together with the buttoned down shirts & trousers for men. Starting this holiday season, Pepsi Herrera will be introducing designs and styles for women as well under the Mint Lush label.

The Pepsi Herrera & Mint Lush labels will be available in selected Mint stores nationwide.


  1. yap I look young and handsome now.tnx for MINT...HE.HE.HE.....WOW

  2. hanep!!! hot shot stolen nice super duper perfect post gud luck 2 ur career hope to see in person we have duet picture with mint nakssss..........

  3. wow!nice stolen shot super duper hunks to highest level

  4. ang gwapo ni Xian! :p

  5. try to google left handed are gay.. left handed si xian Lim,

  6. i always admired your creation for Ms. Kris Aquino

  7. This is one of my favorite collection of Pepsi Herrera and This men's fashion is looking very bright.
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