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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Newly Renovated Traffic Footwear Store in the Power Plant Mall

Traffic Footwear store is the newest style hub at the Rockwell Center. The store’s sleek and minimalist interior makes the shoes displayed on layers of racks as focal point. Dim lighting contrasts the brightly colored Kartel footwear and patent Frank dress shoes.

The latest Traffic Footwear collection carries elegant and affordable dress shoes made from genuine leather and casual shoes in suede, rubber-soled and upper leather. Frank brogue and lace ups shoes are perfect for both class presentations and client meetings while Kartel sneakers and casual sandals are the perfect alternatives to the usual blacks and browns. Comfort and seamless designs of Traffic Footwear makes it the best choice for men. Traffic Footwear Fall 2011 Collection is available at the newly opened Traffic Store located at the Ground Floor of Power Plant Mall.

I went to the Power Plant Mall yesterday to check out the prices of the leather loafers in the Traffic Store. I was surprised to find out that the prices of the shoes were all below 4,000 PhP. I think they are relatively inexpensive considering the design and the quality. I hope Traffic gives away gift certificates to lucky Fashion PULIS readers very soon. 


  1. request ko po FP, more pics lalo na po sa shoes! thanks po

  2. ahahaha!! gawin ba catalog yung FP blog!!! ^__* NICE !!!!

  3. @Anonymous 5:00PM: Gusto kasi ni FP mag giveaway ng GC ang Traffic for FP readers. He is doing it for us naman. =)

  4. posts like these, giving us info & personal feedback on stores around the metro are most welcome to fashionistas/shoppingeras like me. thank you so much FP! ♥


  5. Sorry but have to disagree. The leather footwear looks great but sad to say are not ergonomically designed right. Bought a pair before. But after first day of usage, lower back was hurting and middle of my soles were sore. It also felt like i'm falling forward when walking on flat surface. The only good thing was,they agreed to have it exchanged. No choice but to choose lesser evil in terms of design. Which the exchanged also have. I just hope they've improved their shoes.

  6. hi there,

    This store looks nice and they are really organized in their items.How about the price? Is it expensive?

  7. I have a pair of rugged leather boots from traffic and I must say they're one of the best shoes I've owned. It doesn't hurt that it is inexpensive yet the leather is of super good quality. If you want to buy something here I suggest go for their casual boots.. And from what I see in the pic, I think they're carrying a midcalf length one.. Gotta check them out..hehehe

    Oh, Im an avid reader of your blog FP for months. It's one of my guilty pleasures and it is also one of my sites- to- go haha. Hope there is a giveaway cause Im going to join for sure. xoxo :D

  8. pls post more designs and in different i wish you have a traffic store here in cagayan de oro...



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