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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Secret Pursuit

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Although Male Celebrity (MC) is in a stable relationship, rumors of his past choices are resurfacing. MC, who has been in the industry for quite a time, is well-respected in his field. However, his past included alleged problematic situations. Lucky for MC, no one has spoken up about his undesirable side that could be part of the ‘Me, too’ campaign.

As a talent, MC has gigs all over the country. His performances appeal to all ages, which makes him an ideal performer as far as producers and audiences are concerned. Nonetheless, the fact that he appeals to all ages has led to certain issues. MC, allegedly has a thing for the young ones, particularly minors, in the audience.

In some of his shows, MC would allegedly eye a young member of the crowd and try to win her over. After all, MC has the appeal that could easily flatter a young starry-eyed minor. His penchant for young girls would then create issues. Worse, in hush tones, MC would be talked about as a pervert or even, a predator. As the movement to correct such behavior only came to light recently, MC was then spared from being exposed as such.

‘Desire! That's the one secret of every man's career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire.’ - Bobby Unser

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  1. mga klasmeyt clue naman dyan

  2. J na si P ang ka stable relationship?

  3. Replies
    1. ASA ka pa. not at all if you know him personally

  4. C in a stable relationship with J.

  5. R na in a stable relationship with M?

  6. R? stable relationship with M?

  7. Si M? Sya lang nabasa ko dito sa FP na may ganyang issue.

  8. si J yan for sure : )

  9. I think this is P.

  10. Tingin ko si I etech. Gigs at ang appeal crosses generations.

  11. Si M pa rin ba to? One day maglalabasan talaga yan.

  12. Pedophile lang ang peg. Hay naku baguhin mo na yan

  13. Complicit din yung mga in the know tapos walang ginawa. Pag minors ang involved iba na yun. My guess is M dahil iilan lang naman ang well-respected sa industriya nila na hindi na inabot ang MeToo movement.



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