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Monday, August 7, 2023

The Enigma

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Often observers have the last laugh when circumstances prove what they have previously thought about certain celebrities. Apparently, the activities a celebrity does in private in the exact opposite of the image he/she has been projecting all along. Their objectives for living a double life might never be revealed but truth can be shocking, but not surprising.

Some time ago, Male Performer (MP) received flak for careless statements. In these times of the woke generation, words must be considerate to all. MP stirred controversy. Allegedly, MP has a different image than the one he seems to be projecting these days. The grapevine is abuzz that MP has a certain liking to controversial personalities to the point that he would allegedly be on apps for meet ups. He even follows some of them.

Given this alleged mindset, MP remains an enigma. On the one hand, MP seems to be open to be with the group, but on the other hand, he puts them down with every chance he could publicly.

MP has been around in the entertainment industry and his behavior has been unacceptable to some, which is why he was in the limelight. But it was short-lived.

‘Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.’ – Hikaru Utada

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  1. Dapat dito i-laundry ang ugali.

  2. R ba ito? Kasi may resibo daw e. Tapos yung sumbat ni I sa kanya parang sure na sure.

  3. C na ang dami nang pinagdaanan



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