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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Date

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She’s dating a scammer? If the social circle grapevine is to be believed, Rich Woman (RW) is seeing an Alleged Scammer (AS). According to rumors, AS has captured the attention and love of RW by showering her with luxurious gifts. Perhaps, AS thought that winning RW’s affection entails matching her lavish lifestyle.

Unfortunately, AS has a not so nice reputation among the business sector in her area. Allegedly, AS has duped people of their money. These instances have been reported and are now in legal hands. AS seems to have a hold on substantial amounts of money yet, a source says she is a mere employee of a certain company. Thus, the source of her funds remains questionable.

People who found out about RW and AS are worried. First, AS might have swindled and using the money to live up to the standards of an RW. Giving expensive gifts, watches, shopping sprees are rumored to have been done to impress RW. Second, RW is an heiress and has successful businesses. What AS might be giving her materially, might just be peanuts to her. Hence, people fear AS might be making RW a target for her schemes. After all, RW might be vulnerable as her previous relationship proved nothing is forever.

While RW’s choice for a date might raise eyebrows on her gender preference, that move might not be at all surprising these days.

‘If love has taken us for a ride and passion made us ignore sham and swindle, the time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff and polish up diamonds of trust, neatly, day by day. (Taken for a ride)’ − Erik Pevernagie

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  1. RW- T
    AS - non showbiz

  2. Pareho bang babae ito? Naguguluhan ako sa pronouns puro her and she

    1. “While RW’s choice for a date might raise eyebrows on her gender preference…”

      There’s your context clue.

    2. Awwww! D ko gets!

    3. That confirms my understanding mej nalito din ako… thanks 6:22



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