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Monday, December 26, 2022

Secret Meetings

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Regulars of a popular venue have observed that Network Celebrity (NC) has also been frequenting their hangout. NC is a well-known personality and easily catches attention. No wonder, eyes follow him and monitor his activities in the place.

Most patrons do not mind nor care for others, but they are keen on noticing NC. NC is a very familiar face and his presence easily stands out. However, the sightings were eye-catching because NC was not alone. Several times, NC was seen with Constant Companion (CC).

CC is a network talent, who started with just determination. Having good looks is also a plus for CC, but his beginnings were not easy. He had no contacts in the industry. He stayed on to love the business that gave his family quite an improvement in their lifestyle. As a young newbie,he made sure his family had the life his best efforts could give.

Seeing NC with CC raised several eyebrows. Questions of why they were frequently together in that place where one can book rooms were points of queries. On the professional side, a significant speculation on their meetings had something to do with CC’s career and whether NC was offering him mere advice or a management package. That idea could spark a lot of intrigues considering that CC is flourishing under his present team of handlers. Regardless of the reason, sources are interested in why the two are seen together in such a place.

‘No matter what role you play in a meeting, how you show up in that role is critical to the meeting’s success.’ ― Emily M. Axelrod

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  1. anobaaaz bakit si P lagi naiisip ko 😂

    1. Haha! Di nya gawain yan lalo mag groom. Malabo

  2. Ay lost na naman ako more clues plis

  3. NC is A, a well-known personality
    CC is J, a young newbie

  4. Clues classmates pls. X and K?! Haha

  5. NC - definitely A
    CC - wla kung clue sino haahaha



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